Lack of green on St. Patrick’s Day

On Friday, Mar. 16, it seemed as if the lack of spirit for St. Patrick’s Day was over taking Carlmont.

Even with posters up on the walls of the school, marked as a reminder for the students, no one really cared to dress in green since it “wasn’t really St. Patrick’s Day”.

Even though the majority of the students hadn’t worn any green, some spirited young teens seemed to go all out and really support the idea of dressing in green.

It seemed that ASB had taken so much time to make copies of the posters and to post them, just to have a disappointing outcome of there efforts.

ASB seems to give a lot of efforts to try and bring holiday spirit as well as school spirit to the high school, but the student body doesn’t seem to care enough to dress up or support their school.

If this holiday dress up was a bust this holiday will other holiday themed dress ups still be in effect or will ASB start to not care as well?

“I didn’t dress up because one it isn’t really St. Patrick’s Day and two I’m in high school now and not really interested in dressing up anymore, it was okay in elementary school but I don’t think it’s appropriate for high school students,” said Michelle Oliva, a junior.

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