Students’ newest app addiction

Playing the new “Draw Something” game has become an obsession, rising in popularity among the students at Carlmont.

“Draw Something” is a new game application for Androids and iPhones developed by OMGPOP.

In a review of the new game, Giles Turnbull gives the basics of what to do.

“Here’s how it works: you’re offered three words, and you have to draw one of them using the very basic on-screen drawing tools. Your opponent has to guess what the original word was.”

The three words are ranked from easy to hard, and the harder the word the more coins the player receives.

Obtaining the highest amount of coins is what players do in order to get more colors and drawing tools to add more detail to their drawings in the future.

Opponents can be found through Facebook or selected at random from the network.

“You’re like a team, so what you want to do is make the picture fairly easy to guess so both people can win,” said junior Derek Wellman.

Although Wellman states that players might want to draw the picture easier to guess, that is not the case for all players.

“This game is so much fun, but one of my friends purposely draws hard pictures so I won’t know what to guess,” commented senior Avalon Pellegrini.

When asked to explain what the game is like, Wellman commented, “It’s a combination of Pictionary and Hangman, except you don’t get penalized if you guess the word wrong.”

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Although this game has become popular, there are a few downsides to it.

Senior Julian Gioffre complained that, “it’s fun, but it really drains my iPhone battery.”

There are also the students who do not have iPhones or Androids who cannot join in the fun.

When asked how they deal with it, Pellegrini said, “I actually don’t have an iPhone, but my mom’s old phone is an iPhone so I use it for games including Draw Something.”

Freshman Kayla Coyne said, “I don’t really see what the hype is about. I can hangout with my friends and go places, rather than just sit around playing on my phone.”

“I have it on my iPhone but I’ve definitely gotten bored of it. A lot of the words repeat so it’s not that much fun anymore,” stated senior Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli.

“One time I actually played against my teacher during the class I had her,” commented senior Naomi Gottfried. “She didn’t get that mad though. She yelled, but it was more in a joking way.”

Sometimes when choosing a word to draw, students have come across really strange ones.

Senior Garv Manocha stated, “The weirdest word I’ve gotten to draw was ‘horny’.”

When “Draw Something” is compared to “Words With Friends” there are mixed opinions from students about which one is more popular.

Rothschild-Mancinelli stated, “I actually still play ‘Words With Friends’ and find it a lot more fun and challenging.”

Claudio Rivas has played both “Words With Friends” and “Draw Something” and believes that, “It’s more fun to play ‘Draw Something’ because it involves drawing pictures and using your imagination and creativity.”

“Draw Something” remains popular at Carlmont and will most likely stick around campus a little while longer.

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