Carlmont reacts to Giants making the World Series

Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro celebrates his team's series win.

Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro celebrates his team's series win.

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Most Carlmont students had positive feelings over the San Francisco Giants advancing to the World Series on Oct. 22, while some Cardinal fans were upset.

The Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 9-0, coming back with a three game winning-streak.

The Cardinals’ chances of making the the World Series seemed good with a 3-1 game lead over the Giants after Game 4.  After that game, the Giants came back with three consecutive wins.  The Giants outscored the Cardinals 20-1 in the rest of the series.

The Giants advanced and are playing the Detroit Tigers.  The Giants beat the Tigers 8-3 at Game One on Thursday night and won 2-0 during Game Two.

Though much of Carlmont has a clear Giants bias, many Carlmont students who were supporting the Cardinals have now switched their support for the Tigers.

Sophomore Brendan Schoemehl said, “I was very upset because the Cardinals are my favorite team” and “I’m hopping on the Detroit bandwagon.”

However, sophomore Jess Fong stated, “I’m excited that they have another chance to win the World Series,” in reference to the Giants’ first World Series win as a San Francisco team in 2010.

The last time the Cardinals were outscored so dramatically was back in 1996 when they were outscored by the Atlanta Braves 32-1 in the final three games.

After San Francisco’s win last night, they will be playing the Tigers in Detroit on Saturday at 5 p.m..

Most of Carlmont students are Giants fans and were pleased with the results of Monday’s game.

Sophomore Adam Cobb stated, “It is really exciting that our team pulled through at the right moments this year to once again make it to the World Series. Just like two years ago, they seem to have strung together just enough talent and success to survive. It is so fun to be a fan of a team with so much talent, variety and spirit!”