Aniles DeVoe brings it on

Aniles at Rebels Elite cheer gym

Elite Coach

Aniles at Rebels Elite cheer gym

Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

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The movie “Bring It On” brought senior Aniles DeVoe to cheerleading.

“When I watched it, it looked fun so I tried it out freshman year,” said Devoe.

After all her hard work, DeVoe was elected to be Carlmont’s varsity cheer captain this year with fellow teammate Sabrina Eftimiou.

“I love cheering with Aniles; she comes up with great ideas for our routines. She’s an amazing base with outstanding tumbling skills,” said Eftimiou.

Outside of Carlmont cheer, Devoe participates on the level four and six Rebels Elite team.

“I love competing and feeling the accomplishment when my team wins,” said DeVoe.

Devoe practices everyday except for Sundays, and has competitions about every month for a five month season.

“She’s the most dedicated person I know. Aniles has been on three teams for a couple of years with barely any free time. She always goes to practice even though its not required. She practically breathes cheer,” said senior Soha Said.

The Rebels constantly practice in order to perfect their tumbling, and routines.

“Tumbling is super mental and is scary sometimes, but to get over the fear I set goals for myself and take it day by day,” said DeVoe.

After working on her own goals, DeVoe and her team have to work together to improve their skills as a whole for competition routines.

“We can’t get any new skills unless the whole team is working for a new stunt or pyramid. Sometimes it can be hard when everyone is not equally motivated,” said DeVoe.

DeVoe has won many first place trophies at competitions; she even took home a second place title at nationals.

DeVoe has received last place titles, but it just motivates her to work harder.

“Everyone in competitive cheer is dedicated and willing to work harder,” said DeVoe.

Watch DeVoe tumble:
Carlmont Varsity Cheer 2014

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Carlmont Varsity Cheer 2014

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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