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Scots Talk Episode 6: Bring Change 2 Mind

November 13, 2019

High school is a time when many teenagers begin dealing with stress, anxiety, and mental health issues. That being said, learning how to deal with these issues early on can be...

Scots Talk Episode 5: Gliding Through

October 31, 2019

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? For Andrew Shao, a junior, the obvious choice is flying. In this episode, Nihal Karim and Shao talk about gliding, an alternative...

Queer Time S2E4: Breaking News – Supreme Court

October 27, 2019

On today's episode, Maddy, Zach, and Miki cover the latest breaking news fresh off the press. If you’re confused about the Supreme Court, the presidential candidates’ plan...

Scots Talk Episode 4: Welcome Home

October 19, 2019

In this episode, Nihal Karim sits down with Jackson Cook, a senior, to talk about the Homecoming Assembly, Spirit Week, the Homecoming football game, and the dance itself.

Queer Time S2E3: Who am I?

October 9, 2019

In today's episode, "Who am I?" guest star Emma Evans joins Maddy on a discussion about questioning one's sexuality. Zach finishes off the episode by talking about recent studies...

Scots Talk Episode 3: Coded Equally

October 1, 2019

In this episode, Nihal Karim sits down with Shiina Sugioka, a senior, to talk about the issues women face in STEM fields and the ways in which the Girls Who Code club tries to...

Queer Time S2E2: LGBTQ+ Rights in Asia and the Middle East

September 17, 2019

  On today's episode of Queer Time Podcast, Maddy, Zach, and Miki cover LGBT+ rights across Asia and the Middle East. They discuss the progress being made in these countries...

Scots Talk Episode 2: Advanced Pressure (AP)

September 16, 2019

With the 21 AP courses offered at Carlmont, many students may feel pressured to take as many of them as possible. In this episode, Nihal Karim and sits down with Jessica Yu, a...

Scots Talk Episode 1: What’s that smell?

September 5, 2019

In this episode, Nihal Karim sits down with Ava Brückner-Kockel, a senior, to talk about vaping in the Carlmont bathrooms and how it affects students across campus; Vice Principal...

Queer Time Season 2 Episode 1: Gender Identity

September 3, 2019

The Queer Time Podcast crew returns in Season 2 Episode 1: Gender Identity! Today, Maddy, Zach, and Miki welcome you back with an in-depth discussion on the connotations surrounding...

Ralph Crame: Parenting and principal-ing

August 27, 2019

Principal Ralph Crame considers the path which led him to his position at Carlmont and the happenstance of working where his kids went to school — in other words, the balancing...

Kaimei Gescuk: Mindset of success

June 20, 2019

Kaimei Gescuk, a junior, describes her path towards becoming a runner and the strength she needs to get there. Check out the Humans of Carlmont Anchor page here....

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