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Dear Friend

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Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I am fragile without your agile touch…

But your instructions have guided me

To a shameful dead end.

And now it is clear;

I must put an end

To us my old friend…

Well, cheers

Let us fill the rest of our nights

With grandeur and beers

And fall deeper into our unconscious dissidence

That brings us together.

And as it shall appear

We get along

But once we sip our wine

We begin our decline

Into an undefined state of being.

We’ll sit and laugh

About the good times we’ve shared

While we create the one’s to hate each other over.

But will we ever be sober?

You’re stuck in a rut.

Can you make a decision?

You can’t find the peace to fill your heart.

You’re bleeding confusion, so

Watch out for that liquor disposition.

Dear God, Good Friend

Look what we have become;

I can tell from over here,

On your breath I smell the rum.

Is it that hard that you would resort to this?

Just to find something to escape from?

To black out and throw up until you feel numb?

Man, don’t you remember from where you’ve come?

You were once a human being!

Now you’re just a washed up excuse for someone

I can tell you how I found to escape.

I can dream and write half-written notes to myself;

Misplacing all my thoughts

Because they hurt too bad to write down.

So my thoughts will send me away,

And you can find me astray

On the road less traveled.

Dear friend, Oh Dear Friend,

Soon you will see

What is the lesser of evils,

And though now

In your mind,

We coincide…

I once made a promise

And I guarantee

That it is you

Who will become the lesser of me.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Dear Friend