49er Star Linebacker, Aldon Smith Arrested For Suspicion of DUI and Possession of Marijuana

Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

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On Sept. 19, 49er star linebacker, Aldon Smith, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and the possession of marijuana.

Sargent Heather Randol told the media that Smith’s vehicle crashed into a tree around 7 a.m. in Silver Creek District, San Jose, Calif. She also stated that no one was in the car with Smith at the time of the accident.

Randol also said to press that, “The initial investigation revealed that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Carlmont’s football player Nicky Thomson commented on the incident and said, “I think everyone makes mistakes, hopefully he will learn from this one.”

Smith was released for $5,250 bail from Santa Clara County Jail the morning of the accident. He attended practice that Friday but, gave no comment on his arrest.

Coach Jim Harbaugh told media, “I’m disappointed, and I feel like he needs to go to work, face his teammates and soldier through it.”

Smith was previously arrested for a DUI in Miami Beach in 2012. After the incident he attended a program for DUI offenders. Smith is also facing a lawsuit by a man who claimed he was shot during a party hosted by Smith in June 2012.

Carlmont football player Antonio Baltodano said, “When you are a professional athlete, and you have that much money these things are bound to happen.”

Smith had 19 ½ sacks last season and, 14 sacks as a rookie in 2011. This season he has made 3 ½ sacs so far. Coach Harbaugh said, “I expect Aldon, like today, he’ll be back at work and playing on Sunday.”

The 49ers also released a statement on Friday in regard to the incident: “The 49ers organization is aware of the matter involving Aldon Smith as we continue to gather information regarding this situation, we will have no further comment.”

Smith played in Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts and according to Harbaugh, Smith will continue to play this week.

Carlmont quarterback Boston Funk said, “I hope he gets suspended so he can’t play the Rams on Thursday.”

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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