Scots put the hype in homecoming

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Scots put the hype in homecoming

Students show off their spirit on Hip-Hop vs. Country Day

Students show off their spirit on Hip-Hop vs. Country Day

Students show off their spirit on Hip-Hop vs. Country Day

Students show off their spirit on Hip-Hop vs. Country Day

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“I bleed blue,” said Homecoming Princess nominee Julia Semmler, “I love spirit and I love Carlmont.”

Homecoming week 2013 started off with excitement and energy flooding the campus. Carlmont’s Associated Student Body (ASB) has worked long and hard to prepare for this year’s homecoming celebration, and this year is no exception.

Assemblies Commissioner Annie Klups said, “I really have to say that the assembly is the first big thing that really gets people into the homecoming spirit. Obviously the football game is one and the dance is one, but those come after the assembly. I think the assembly is definitely the big pump-up moment of the week.”

Getting the crowd pumped up is not the only thing they must do. Klups said that a lot of work is put out into coordinating with all the teachers, clubs, dance, cheer, football.

“We have to make sure all their performances are ready, we have to get all the music in and make a playlist, we have to get a clearance list so everyone can be cleared from the assembly, and we have to make a practice schedule. The hardest part, I would say, is making the actual schedule because it’s very time consuming and there are many different changes, so you have to redo it a lot.”

In regard to the decorations around campus and for the assembly, Klups said, “Tony! He’s our balloon guy.”

Junior Andrew Wach from the dance committee said “We’ve done a lot so far. We’ve been in contact with different balloon people like Tony, and photographers. We’ve been looking at cool, fun things we can do this year—there’s going to be a free photo booth that we’re really excited about.”

Wach continued, saying that the upcoming dance will have fun new additions that will make it “stand out from other years.”

Finance Supervisor Elias Sebti said a “good amount” of money was invested into homecoming this year.

“We get a lot of our money from the ASB PAL sticker sales. That’s a lot of the budget that we spend throughout the year.”

When asked if it was complicated to budget everything, Sebti said, “Not exactly. We base our budgets off of previous years and we look at the expected revenue, the expected expenses.”

ASB Vice President  Claire Noemer was very enthusiastic about homecoming. Noemer said, “The whiteout dance- definitely expect some stuff that’s not white,  because there’s a reason why we ask you guys to wear white. As for the game, make sure to go out and cheer on your Scots– it’s been a few rough games so far. And oh, the assembly! The assembly’s going to be wicked awesome. The decorations we’ve got set up, the Safari theme, the special surprise video– it’s going to be a great one.”

Comparing homecoming to those of the years past, Noemer said, “In the past, most of our dances haven’t really had a theme. It’s always been kind of Scots-themed, but this year we’re doing the white out which I think is a lot different than what we’ve done, at least since I’ve been here. With the assembly, it’s actually based on the theme of the homecoming spirit day as opposed to just regular Scots day and Carlmont stuff. We have similar decorations from last year just because they seem to have worked.”

A spirited Scot herself, Noemer recognized the students’ spirit and said, “I mean, Screaming Scots in general has definitely upped its basis. So there’s going to be a lot of crazy stuff going on at the football game.”

The dance and football game are not the only things that ASB has cooking up. Noemer said, “We [ASB] actually are going to be selling special edition white out versions of the Screaming Scots shirts. We have a very limited supply, so definitely go and pick them up. They’re $10. We’ve got like, 50 or something.”

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