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9/11 cannot be forgotten

9/11 cannot be forgotten

Sophie Lynd, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

September 11, 2018

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"Where were you on September 11?" Those of us in high school are either too young to remember or weren't even alive yet. I was six months old. Regardless of the fact of whether we can recall that infamous Tuesday morning from our own accounts or not, we must not forget innocent citizens and, in...

The forgotten Rohingyan refugees

The forgotten Rohingyan refugees

Ayesha Abbasi, Social Media Editor/Columnist

May 28, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Original Opinions

The situation in Myanmar with the Rohingya Muslims may very well go down in history as one of the least recognized and most violent human rights violations of all time. The Muslim Rohingya of Burma provides a well-written history of the situations in Burma dating back to 1995. According to the ar...

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