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Are boy bands of today only headed in One Direction?

Are boy bands of today only headed in One Direction?

Iris Berber, Staff Writer

November 20, 2013

Whether you claim to be a so-called “90s kid” or not, you’ve most likely heard of these boy bands. Do you remember the Backstreet Boys? Of course, you do. Because despite whether you were even old enough during the peak of their popularity to pronounce “Nick Carter,” you were probably already in ...

Youth today needs to be more aware

March 19, 2012

During a time when there is an array of different and conflicting issues in our world and society, our generation must take responsibility for the future and start to listen and understand the news. Most students either do not have time or do not find the news entertaining enough to watch, so they...

Today in History…

Today in History…

September 1, 2011

Even today, Sept. 2, 2011, history is in the making but ever wondered what happened on this very day 50 years ago? During the Prohibition, American and Canadian government officials met to stop the illegal import of alcohol on Sept. 2, 1925. In the Florida Keys a category 5 hurricane hit, killing over 400 peo...

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