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Homework or procrastination — which is the problem?

Homework or procrastination — which is the problem?

Bijan Khalili, ScotCenter Sports/Columnist

January 23, 2015

“Finally I just got out of school.” “I’m so exhausted from my day, one hour of rest won’t hurt.” Does that hour turn into two, two turns into three and before you know it, it’s midnight and you are just starting your homework? Based on the recent homework survey on School Loop for parents, students, and teachers, 71 percent of students ...

Which cell phone plan should you have?

January 8, 2013

With several different types of phone services available, there is often a debate over which one is best. At Carlmont, most students have either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint as their cell phone carrier. Each phone service offers something different, from different price ranges to different phones...

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