Ten plot holes in: ‘Skyfall’


(Note: I don’t mean to say I don’t like any of the  movies I feature in “Plot Holes.” I LOVE most of these movies. I just like making fun of them even more.)


1. A motorcycle can either slam into the side of a bridge or flip over the bridge. It can’t do both.

2. How did Bond get to that island after being shot? He would’ve drowned after he hit the water from that height, providing the fall didn’t already break every bone in his body.

3. M opens a spam email with the phrase “CLICK HERE TO WIN A PRIZE!” in the title. At this point, even a geriatric grandmother wouldn’t do that. No one is that stupid.

4. Silva’s plan relies on M16 relocating to the underground bunker after the attack, despite the fact that according to Bond, none of the agents even knew about it and it hasn’t been used in years. Good things they didn’t decide to, oh, hop over the the building next door.

5. An assassin slowly drills a hole in a window, aims a sniper rifle, and murders a man across the street. All the while Bond stands by and does absolutely nothing.

6. Armed assassins are coming to slaughter the head of M16, and the only warning she receives, despite being in a crowded room and surrounded by important personages, is a text message. Sent to her assistant. Which both ignore.

7. Why does every movie nowadays insist on keeping their captured bad guys in a glass prison with one inept guard? The guy’s insane! At least put him in chains or something!

8. Bond takes M to his childhood home in the middle of nowhere, in order to hide her from Silva. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that he takes absolutely no agents along with him, has no backup, tells no one where they are going, and has no clear plan of what to do if Silva happens to come along with henchmen besides “run.”

9. M and the groundskeeper escape into the dark night without a trace, then immediately turn on a flashlight and start waving it around. This woman is supposed to be in charge of every spy in England, yet she has the instincts of a lemming.

10. Silva’s plan. Just, Silva’s plan. Because any plan that involves getting captured for no reason other than hacking M16 from the inside (which he proved he could already do), having time and the means to escape, recruiting subway workers to assist him, detonating a moving train at the exact right moment, and knowing where your enemies childhood home is would have fallen apart if he made one, single mistake. Silva is smart, but he isn’t God.

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