A not-so-stereotypical high school introduction


Incoming freshmen walking around Carlmont campus

Anya Meredith, Staff Writer

On Wednesday Nov. 19, students may have noticed an usual amount of people roaming the halls. If they did, then they may have also found out that incoming freshmen were touring Carlmont.

The incoming freshmen came to Carlmont at 1:30 p.m. and stayed until 3:00 p.m.

“First, there is a meet and greet. Then drumline and dance team perform for them. After, they are dismissed into groups to tour the school.” said Secretary to the Principal, Melanie Fuentes.

The incoming freshman then traveled to different classrooms all over the school with a tour guide.

“I love leading group shadow tours because it’s a great way for incoming freshmen to learn the campus. I know how confusing the Carlmont campus can be, so I like to help make their transition easier.” said junior tour guide Chelsea Stewart.

Stewart didn’t only guide the tour to help students familiarize themselves with the campus.

“I want to make the incoming freshmen feel less scared. I don’t want them to think that Carlmont follows the stereotypical idea that the upper class students are mean and that they should be afraid. I want them to feel comfortable at Carlmont.” Stewart explained.

On the tour, the eighth graders also learn some important tips for their high school career.

“On the tour, the students are told the expectations of a ninth grader, how to be a successful ninth grader, study tips, and why Carlmont is a great school.” said Fuentes.

The incoming freshman seemed to respond well to the information given to them.

“The tour has been going well. It has helped me learn the campus.” said Tierra Linda eighth grader, Eimear Cunningham.

“I don’t feel so nervous to come to Carlmont. The classes seem a little intimidating, but I’m glad to have learned about the campus and the type of school Carlmont is.” said Cunningham.

Students can also shadow individually if they like.

“The shadowing season begins Dec.1. The student shadowing will come to Carlmont and shadow for four periods with a shadow volunteer.” explained Fuentes.

“There is also another group shadow date if students are interested.There is one in the second semester in February.”

The hopes of these shadow scheduling is that students will feel persuaded to come to Carlmont and feel welcome. ASB and the Carlmont community are doing their best to support this idea.