A valued player’s last year


Michael Costello has been a valued member and leader of Carlmont’s Varsity Basketball team for the past three years.

Costello didn’t start his basketball career until his freshman year of high school. He began on the Junior Varsity (JV) team and advanced as a sophomore to Varsity.

IMG_5251IMG_5251“I didn’t play [basketball] in middle school,” said Costello. “But now it’s my life.”

Costello is not only known for his killer basketball skills, but is also recognized for his reputation as an encouraging leader that many of the younger basketball players look up to.

“[Costello] is an amazing basketball player. Michael helped me a lot last year when I was a freshman by giving me pointers,” said sophomore Andrew Carlsen, a JV player.

Costello’s character skills have been admired by important adults in his life, like varsity head coach Patrick Smith.

Smith said, “Costello has had a lot of time to develop into his role as a leader. He had plenty of upperclassmen that helped him find his way when he was a underclassmen and now he just seems to be doing the same thing. As a senior, stepping into the leadership role is a natural place for him.”

“I try to be a good leader that my teammates can depend on. I think it all starts at practice. That’s when you have to really straighten them out if they’re messing around,” said Costello.

The Varsity player  is looking forward to furthering his career as an athlete as he leaves high school and enters college.

“I haven’t decided exactly which college I want to go to, but I want to continue to play basketball,” said Costello.

Peers believe that he will go far with basketball in college.

“I think Michael will at least make it to D[ivision] one or D[ivision] two,” said Carlsen.

As a key player for the Varsity team, Costello has been able to maximize his basketball skills to the highest level of success that many players spend years trying to achieve.

Costello said, “I would advise the JV boys to just keep practicing and always work hard. If it’s something you love, don’t let it go.”