Asap Ferg disappoints


CZR-E for The Come Up Show

ASAP Ferg performs in front of yelling fans.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Asap Ferg’s new album “Always strive and prosper” was released on Apr. 22, and so far the album has great ratings on various online music sites.

I personally think that the album was one of Asap’s worst albums and could use many improvements. Asap’s concepts in his songs did not make any sense to me; it almost seemed like he wrote lyrics that only he would be able to understand, making the album hard to relate to.

The songs in the album did not have a common theme to them — they did not tell stories about his life and did not keep the same concept throughout the song. This method that Asap used was different, and you can argue that different is good, but the different song method that Asap wrote was far from good.

Another thing that I believe makes “Always strive and prosper” a bad album is that, on most of Asap’s songs, you can barely understand what he is saying. When the words are coming out of his mouth during the songs, it is very hard to comprehend what he is saying.

When I was listening to the album, I was more focused on trying to figure out what he was rapping about, rather than sitting back and enjoying the music clearly.

Another flaw that I can point out in Asap’s album is that he used way too many sounds and rhythms in each individual song. Instead of a consistent beat throughout the song, Asap tried to switch his music up by adding many unnecessary sounds in the background, ultimately making his lyrics off beat.

With all of Asap’s flaws in “Always strive and prosper,” including theme, song consistency, and sound altogether, Asap’s album was poorly composed. I was a little disappointed when I heard the album, especially since Asap has had so many great hits in the past, including his number one song “Work” that I still listen to today after many months after it being released.

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