ASB prepares to recruit driven students to donate food


Natalie Doud

An example of canned foods that can be donated to the food drive.

Natalie Doud, Editor-in-Chief

With the food drive approaching, ASB is beginning to prepare to send the food donations to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Any student is eligible to donate canned foods to the annual food drive, which takes place at Carlmont every year.

In order to prepare, ASB will recruit students to donate with help of Carlmont’s teachers. To help ensure the drive’s success, teachers have been encouraging their students to contribute canned foods to help those in need.

The teachers at Carlmont are using various methods to motivate students to supply food, some rewarding their students for bringing in canned foods with extra credit. However, for students who are unable to donate, other extra credit options are provided as well.

ASB is working to create and put up posters around the school to spread the word about the drive. Graphics are also being used to publicize the event on social media, which will reach a vast amount of students online.

“We aren’t quite done with everything, but we need to publicize so that people bring cans and coordinate with Second Harvest Food Bank for when they can pick up cans,” said Greta Foehr, a junior and member of ASB.

Students will be able to bring non-perishable foods to school from Nov. 13 to Nov. 20 and give them to their second period teacher. The second period teacher with the most cans donated will receive a reward.

The food donated by the students will help families in need and will give them meals and food to put on the table. Carlmont’s food drive has proven to be immensely beneficial to those in need and gives students a sense of what the school and ASB is capable of.

“I am always happy to help anyone in need, if you have the chance, why not? Everybody gets something out of this, the students get points, the food bank gets food, and people in need get something to eat,” said Felix Guzman, a chemistry teacher.

ASB has been working with Second Harvest Food Bank for the past couple of years, which has made the preparation this year an easier and smoother process. ASB contacted the food bank about a month ago and began planning last week, setting the goal of at least eight bins filled with canned food, which is around one thousand pounds worth of food.

“I like working with Second Harvest Food Bank because I know all of the food goes to a good cause,” said Isabella Mattioli, a junior and another member of ASB.

The time and preparation put into this year’s food drive will all pay off, as families in need will now get to enjoy the food that will be provided by the students of Carlmont. The food drive not only brings the students and staff of Carlmont together, but families as well.

“The purpose of the food drive is to provide families with food during Thanksgiving and to give Carlmont students a chance to give back to the community,” Foehr said.