Assembly celebrates campus community


Izzy Mitchell

The 2016 Celebration Assembly included skits influenced by common bedtime stories. Class of 2016 graduate, Timmy Miller, started off the assembly on a pretend bed.

Kathryn Stratz, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approaches, many students look forward to the Celebration Assembly.

ASB is working hard with the assembly participants to create the pre-finals excitement that students can look forward to.

“We began preparing for the assembly in March, and so far we have all of the performing groups contacted, the end of the year video done, the senior rap finished, and almost all of the awards set,” said assemblies commissioner and sophomore Olive Peschel.

The 2016 Celebration Assembly theme was bedtime stories, starting off with a student pretending to sleep on a mattress in the middle of the gym. This year, students can expect entertainment from the theme of the Oscars as well as performances from Carlmont’s cheer team, the winning talent show act, and drumline.

“The theme is ‘awards,’ so we are using an offset Oscars theme while giving out awards with the emcees wearing suits and stuff like that,” said Peschel.

Participants are also planning ahead in order to have performance-ready acts.

Sedona Regan, a junior, is on the cheer team and has helped choreograph their routine.

“Cheer has started to have after-school practices for the assembly. So far, we still have to finalize the routine’s choreography and finish learning it,” said Regan. 

Carlmont’s drumline has also begun their work towards a crowd-pleasing finale.

“For the last few months, we’ve mostly been developing ideas for the performance that will compliment the music best, because we chose it first. We have created the choreography, and we have already begun to rehearse it,” said Campbell Soutter, a senior.

The other seniors and I are certainly all sad about it being our last performance, but we’re planning to make it one of our best”

— Campbell Soutter, a senior

For all of the Carlmont seniors, this will be their last highschool assembly; for many seniors who participate in the assembly, this will be the final performance with their group.

“The other seniors and I are certainly all sad about it being our last performance, but we’re planning to make it one of our best so we can have a good video to look back at with that rewarding nostalgia we love,” said Soutter, who has been a part of drumline for his junior and senior years.

The Celebration Assembly is regarded by many as a time to reflect on the year and enjoy performances by their peers.