AT&T’s ‘unlimited data’ limits

AT&T's 'unlimited data' limits

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If you fall into the large majority of Americans that have a smartphone, you have probably exceeded your data plan before, which usually leads to a high fee on your next phone bill. While many see the solution to this problem to be an “unlimited data” plan, there are certain circumstances that can make this a dire mistake.

In recent months, AT&T, one of America’s biggest cell phone carriers, has come under fire and even been sued by its customers that bought the “umlimited data” plan.

When a user would exceed data usage into the top five percent of data users in their area, AT&T would greatly reduce the speed under which the phone would receive service.

Usually these cell phone users would receive a warning text message several days before their actual data service would begin to slow down or stop completely.

Naturally, AT&T’s users took to the web to voice their concern and anger.

AT&T has approximately 17 million customers, most of which use the iPhone. The “unlimited data” plan was sold for $30, the same price as it’s current plan of three gigabytes of data.

After losing a small claims lawsuit to a customer for $850, AT&T has modified its data plan to slow down service after customers reach three gigabytes of usage within a month.

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