Bakeries prepare for Valentine’s Day


Mari Ramirez

Many bakeries on Valentine’s Day cater towards the holiday and gain a lot of business because of that. “For Valentine’s Day, it’s all about supporting our culinary team and making sure we have enough inventory for the busy holiday,” Eva Robertson said.

“Love is in the air.”

This is a popular attitude that many people have during Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to it. However, the smell of freshly baked goods is what’s actually in the air.

Whenever anyone has to buy presents for Valentine’s Day, they usually think of teddy bears, jewelry, roses, and, last but not least, desserts.

Many local bakeries get a lot of business just on Valentine’s Day alone. For example, Sibby’s Cupcakery, SusisCakes, and Nothing Bundt Cakes have limited-time desserts that are catered for this holiday.

Eva Robertson, a junior, has been an employee at SusieCakes since September and has worked during many holidays, including Valentine’s Day.

“We’ve been in ‘holiday mode’ for a while, which means it’s all hands on deck, and it’s a different set up than usual. Everyone does anything and everything to make sure that the kitchen can prepare orders, fold boxes, and help walk-ins,” Robertson said.

Although many appreciate the fact that stores can fulfill their last-minute needs, some don’t need their services at all.

“I don’t typically buy Valentine’s Day gifts because I don’t really get the point of them. But, I have found myself in other situations where going to a bakery last minute has saved me from showing up somewhere gift-less,” said Ryan Chun, an Algebra I teacher at Carlmont.

Knowing that many may need something at the last minute to top their gift off, such as a dessert, businesses prepare to serve those people.

“Our priority is to finish preorders first, so then we can make sure that we can still help people who do their shopping late,” Robertson said.

With having a variety of options to choose from, desserts are often a popular gift choice, and it often helps that a lot of people enjoy their sweets.

“Desserts are always a nice and simple gift to give people you care about,” said Ellyse Holland, a junior. “It’s not always about how much you spend on someone because you can’t put a monetary value on love.”

In addition, purchasing pastries from a bakery is an excellent alternative for those who can’t afford to buy jewelry or other expensive presents.

“I rather buy someone a pastry since lots of businesses jack up their prices because it’s Valentine’s Day, and you end up buying small things like roses for outrageous prices, ” Chun said.

Whether buying dessert as a Valentine’s Day gift is intentional or a lifesaver, many people know that they can count on bakeries to help them out.

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