Bay Area Youth Club connects with community through volunteering


Aidan Kurt

Guillermo Mendoza tells the club what they will discuss during the meeting. The club meets every other Wednesday in E8. “During some of the meetings, we share what can be considered as well established Bay Area food,” Mendoza said.

Often, students have more opportunities to help and learn about the community than they realize.

While Carlmont has many clubs dedicated to volunteering, the Bay Area Youth Club factors in an understanding of the community. The club provides students a chance to discuss what goes on in the Bay Area and volunteer outside of school.

“Our club is meant to offer students a way to know about the community they live in and the culture and history that surrounds them,” said Bronsen Lasala, the president of Bay Area Youth Club.

The club began in September of 2019 and since then has dedicated time in and out of school to learn about the Bay Area and help out locally.

“So far, we have volunteered for several organizations, two of them being food banks and another being with the city of Belmont,” said Guillermo Mendoza, the club vice president.

Most recently, the club helped distribute food to San Mateo residents at the Samaritan House on Nov. 23.

In addition to their volunteer work, the club strives to have students recognize the numerous ways they can help others in the Bay Area.

“We hope that we can give [students] enough awareness that they will be able to take action and grow a sense of pride for their community, fighting for their morals,” Lasala said.

The club has allowed its members to gain different skills from their experiences and become more aware of how certain parts of the community differ from each other.

“‘I’ve learned how to a have better work ethic and a lot about the culture of the Bay Area,” said Jack Andrews, a club member.

The club meets every other Wednesday in E8 to discuss current local events and life in the Bay Area. Each week, they continue to look for volunteer opportunities.

“We have been scheduling community services throughout the year,” Lasala said. “During the first semester, we focused on our community and helping others during the holidays.”

Even in the second semester, the club continues to plan out volunteer opportunities for the remainder of the year.

“At the end of the day, the club is here to help you grow as a person, whether it be to give you new insight or further your appreciation for the Bay,” Mendoza said. “It offers you a place to learn to work with others and allows you to have fun while doing so.”