Boy’s varsity water polo falls to Sequoia in close game


Lara Ostroff

Boys varsity water polo in a 2013-2014 season game.

In their second game of the season, the boy’s varsity water polo team was defeated by Carlmont’s rival school, Sequoia, with a score of 10-9.

The game was close; Sequoia scored the first point and there was no more than a three point gap in points throughout the game.

Despite an aggressive defense, the Scots were not led to success.

Senior and team goalie Pierre Llorach said, “I think our weakest point was that we weren’t communicating and moving enough. This made the game very stagnant, and we kind of gave up as a team as the game went on.”

Regardless of how the players were feeling, spirited students with posters, banners, and  cheers remained positive in their spots on the bleachers.

Senior and Screamin’ Scots leader Alenna Winfield said, “Water polo is a fun sport to watch, and the Scots are trying to promote every team, win or lose, so I love just being here and cheering them on.”

Many parents also stayed engaged throughout the game.

Pam McGee, mother of Jason McGee, said, “We are keeping positive at the beginning of the season.”

Two of the team’s seniors were not in the game due to injuries and ejections.

McGee said, “Besides a handful of upperclassmen, a large part of the team is made up of sophomores, so it’s a given that the younger boys will take a few games to get used to playing at this more extreme level of the game.”

Intensity rose in the fourth quarter as the two teams made comeback shots one after the other, often leaving the score as a tie.

However, Carlmont’s players often played hesitantly on offense, jumping the ball instead of taking shots while the shot clock ticked away.

Llorach said, “It sucks that we lost, but it’s a good lesson to improve our teamwork that I think we will all remember next time.”