Bring us Renegades

Tools. Tools are instruments of action controlled by an outside being. Humans use tools for accomplishing their deeds, tasks, whatever. Now, tools are mindless, they are objects, like a screwdriver or even a stick, that sentient things use for personal gain. So naturally tools have no issue with being as abused as they are, but what happens when a tool has a mind? Once a person is under control, once a person is beneath the hood that covers their eyes to the sad reality that is their uniform and controlled life, that person has become a tool.
It may seem like an unfair and unreasonable thing, someone being a tool, but in reality it is quite common. In fact, most of us are born tools. Almost all of us begin our lives by obeying the demands of society and falling into the consumer brackets to which we are assigned, but in time, some learn to resist.
There aren’t enough renegades, but those that roam this desolate land know that being surrounded by stupidity teaches one to hate, and the original renegades are those who resist with fresh material, with class. Thomas Paine, Voltaire, and MLK are all classic renegades, confronting injustice or stupidity without raising a sword. Of course, there are also those who oppose violently.
The point is, renegades resist with what they can, and they are a dying breed. It has come to the point where nearly everyone has access to news, current events, philosophy from all around the world, and much more yet there is less enthusiasm and interest in knowledge. People have been spoiled, or maybe they’re just stale, but whatever it is they just don’t care about important things. It is such a shame, but what is anybody going to do about it? Force enlightenment upon the masses? Bring about a renaissance? We’ll see. It’s up to the right renegades.