Broken Bells album excels


Broken Bells released their new album “After the Disco” on Feb. 4, exciting and surprising fans.

“After the Disco” features many songs that have been added to the top rotations of popular alternative radio stations, including “Holding on for Life.”

"After the Disco" album cover

“‘After the Disco’ is an album that everyone can enjoy. It perfectly ties together a group of songs that set an amazing electronic vibe,” said sophomore Lauren Young.

The album starts off strong, expressing a bold and passionate attitude of the band that continues throughout the album.

Broken Bell’s unique alternative style of music, focusing on electronica, carries throughout the album enabling the band to appeal old and new fans including hints of music from bygone eras.

Fans have many opinions about the album, both praising and criticising.

“I really like the album overall. The style for me is very retro. It has that kind of vibe and it’s super relaxing to listen to. You can really hear the bass line in all their songs and personally, I really like hearing that,” said sophomore Melody Shanahan.

Sophomore Michael Lima shares a similar opinion about the album.

“I would recommend others listen to ‘After the Disco’ because it is unlike most albums where every song sounds the same. Broken Bells gives a better sound than most artists that are popular today,” said Lima.

On the contrary, senior Charlotte Jackman did not enjoy the album as much as other fans.

“The album wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t great. No songs stood out to me, and even though Broken Bells has released decent songs in the past, “After the Disco” simply doesn’t impress me,” said Jackman.

In the past, Broken Bells has released many songs and albums that have hit the top alternative charts on iTunes, and they have done it again with “Holding on for Life,” a song included on the most recent album.

The artwork for the album cover contributes to the vibe the band wishes to portray to their listeners.

“The artwork of the album was very intricate and didn’t have many colors that stood out to me and it ties in with the album name because after the disco, partying and fun, you will feel sad and lonely, just like the girl on the cover,” said Lima.

Overall, Broken Bells impressed many fans with the release of “After the Disco” and many others hope they continue to release music in the future that develops their style and skill in positive ways.