Bump, set, spike to champions


On Nov. 10, Carlmont dominated the court against North Salinas for the CCS championship title.

When the first set began, the lady scots seemed to be anxious yet filled the gym with excitement. They huddled in their group for motivation and the action soon began.

In the first set, Carlmont won 25 -23. They maintain a steady grip on the ball with defense from Ashley Duba, perfect passes from Cristina Rice, and deep spikes by Kallan Bedard.

“Our defense was really great! We communicated and worked as a strong team,” said Shelby Vance.

When the second set began, Carlmont had gained confidence from the first set. With incredible saves from Torika Ramulo, Carlmont won 25-13.

Carlmont continued to strengthen when they got to the third set, where they won 25-15. Players like Amelia Tupou and Vance thrived to keep the ball up in the air.

“My favorite part of the game was when we were able to get ahead of the game and beat them. We definitely pulled together and ended up winning,” gushed Bedard.