Carlmont Choirs presents ‘Singing Valentines’


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Access the Carlmont Carlmont Choir is preparing for the upcoming Singing Valentine’s event on YouTube on February 12.

Despite challenges faced during the 2020-2021 school year, Carlmont Choirs is continuing its tradition of seasonal concerts with the Singing Valentines virtual choir event, which will premiere as a YouTube playlist on Feb. 12.

“The Singing Valentines event is one put on by the choir program for which choir students submit recordings of themselves in a group or individually,” said Emily Mannion, a sophomore and Treble Clef choir member. “It is a kind of online equivalent of the program’s annual Cabaret Night.”

Production for concerts during distance learning is now a completely virtual process. Students individually record their singing parts, then submit them to SoundTrap, an online music platform. The single recordings are then edited together to create a chorus. 

“I think choir has adapted extremely well. Considering that singing is an in-person thing, it’s hard to get the live singing experience to work over platforms like Zoom or even GarageBand,” said Chesney Evert, a sophomore and Treble Clef choir member. 

Carlmont Choirs hopes to keep spirits and motivation high through community members attending their virtual events and interacting with choir members.

“Watching our performances online and letting their choir friends know they enjoyed the performances would be awesome,” said Genevieve Tep, the director of Carlmont Choirs. “We’re still making music, and we are singing, but almost everything is different! We’ve gone digital in all aspects of our performances. It’s been a huge challenge, but I’m really impressed with how well the choirs have adjusted.”

The arts are humanity’s way of connecting with one another; during times of separation, they become even more important and even more powerful. While the loss of physical performances has been difficult, choir members are determined to push forward and maintain their community.

“It’s a family, a great group of people to be around… it helps people kind of branch out and get out of their box and even fight some insecurities, which is really powerful,” Evert said. “That has definitely been stifled by COVID because when you’re singing to yourself on a computer, it’s awkward and hard. But hearing the final product, and hearing everyone’s voices come together, is really magical and definitely creates a feeling of togetherness at a time when everyone’s so isolated.”

Mannion reflected on how Carlmont Choirs has retained its enthusiasm throughout the school year.

“The winter choir concert shows just how much music we were able to learn and perfect, and how much we have all learned about sound and video editing,” said Mannion. “The choir program has kept choirs engaging and fun for students.”

The Singing Valentines event will be available as a link on the Carlmont Choirs website and as a playlist on their YouTube channel.

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