Carlmont student is a nationally ranked gymnast


Senior Erin Macadaeg in a competition.

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

Second semester of senior year can invoke laziness in some soon-to-be graduates. But for senior Erin Macadaeg, there is no room for laziness. Macadaeg said, “I spend six to eight hours at the gym everyday, six days a week.”

Macadaeg has been participating in gymnastics since she was four years old at San Mateo Gymnastics.

Senior Erin Macadaeg.
Senior Erin Macadaeg.

In addition to her long hours at the gym, Macadaeg take four classes at Carlmont, and one online class.

“It has its downsides. I don’t really get to see my school friends as much as I’d like. There are days when I regret staying in it, but I love it,” said Macadaeg. Her favorite event is floor, but her strongest is beam.

Macadaeg has traveled to five states in the past year to perform in elite competitions. In Hartford, Connecticut she had the opportunity of competing along side olympians Klyla Ross and Mckayla Maroney in the P&G Gymnastics Championships. “It’s my most memorable competition. Not only did I get to compete with olympians, but my beam routine was shown on TV,” said Macadaeg.

Macadaeg has won at every meet this season.

When asked about what she likes about gymanstics she said, “It’s good exercise and it’s really fun to be able to do flips and work as a team. My team is like my second family, we’ve gotten really close. They inspire me to do my best.”

Performing in front of large crowds can be nerve-racking for many. But for Macadaeg she said, “I don’t get nervous, I just get really excited.”

According to a report by the Center for Injury and Policy in Columbus, Ohio, of the three million children between the ages of six and 17 who do gymnastics, more than 25,000 of them are treated for gymnastic-related injuries in U.S. emergency rooms each year.

“I’ve been injured many times, but the worst was at a Regionals competition four years ago. I dislocated my elbow. I was injured but did well enough to qualify for nationals,” said Macadaeg.

Macadaeg currently holds a senior international elite title.

This coming fall, she will be attending Louisiana State University on a gymnastics scholarship.