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Fortifying Bridges gives students a voice to reflect on their communities

Fortifying Bridges brings the Carlmont community together every year.

Saya Deshpande, Staff Writer

February 1, 2020

Carlmont students and local citizens filled the Student Union for the annual “Fortifying Bridges” event after school on Friday, Jan. 31. This unique, student-run event brought the community together to hear from speakers as they reflected on how they have dealt with prejudice against them. Planning...

Reach Out Hangout unifies Carlmont

Seniors KaiFu Wei, Greta Foehr, Jackson Cook, and freshman Noe Foehr engage in a conversation.

Josie Wescott, Staff Writer

February 1, 2020

High school is a crucial part of a student’s education, but it is also a pivotal social opportunity to connect with peers and get involved in school activities.  At Carlmont, the Reach Out Commission in the Associated Student Body (ASB) strives to make every student feel a part of Carlmont, incl...

Type One Club takes on a service project

Sophomore Polina Engovatov works on her card for the diabetics at the UCSF and Stanford Hospital.

Savannah Velschow, Staff Writer

January 31, 2020

An estimated one in every 430-530 people under the age of 19 have type 1 diabetes. Type One Club has created a safe environment for students at Carlmont with this disease. The club gives students a place to go to educate themselves on type 1 diabetes and provides a common area where students who ...

Students score a lunchtime competition

Sophomore Hayden Pendleton dribbles the ball down the court.

Calista Shohet, Staff Writer

January 31, 2020

He shoots, and he scores! The crowd goes wild! His team mates gather around him, congratulating him on the close shot. The team and crowd spill out of the gym, their contagious enthusiasm following them throughout the rest of the day.  Over the past week, each grade level has been competing in the Main Gym in an ann...

New clubs struggle to gain members and popularity

A small group of students attend the Computer Science Club to plan activities that will help them gain more popularity.

Ryan Ng, Staff Writer

January 30, 2020

Many new clubs have been emerging at Carlmont, thanks to the enthusiasm and interests of a few students. Students who take on the responsibility of being a new club president or vice president find that a small group of members attend their meetings. Even though club officials regularly promote th...

Carlmont’s staff and adult volunteers play a crucial role at Winter Formal

Parent volunteers assist students with checking in coats and other valuables during the Winter Formal.

Niamh Marren, Staff Writer

January 29, 2020

Countless hours of tedious and time-consuming work goes into implementing the safety and security of the student body at Carlmont's Winter Formal. Over 1000 students attend this dance each year, and, to secure a safe environment, the staff and adult volunteers must handle many responsibilities to...

Waste-free week encourages environmental consciousness

ASB advertises how students can incorporate environmentalism into their everyday lives.

Raina Lahiri, Staff Writer

January 29, 2020

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat. The concept of "going green" has become a global phenomenon practiced by people all over the world. Whether it's a store replacing plastic straws with paper ones, or somebody simply learning what to recycle and what to compost, every effort made is one step closer to...

AVID helps students pave a path to current and future success

The AVID team at Carlmont consists of counselors, teachers, and AVID students all working towards a common goal.

Leanna Gower, Staff Writer

January 29, 2020

Most students know the stress that comes with being a highschooler all too well. Whether it stems from the workload from classes, the pressure to do well, or the ever-looming idea of life after high school, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of what comes next. Luckily, Carlmont is o...

New block schedule has students and teachers adjusting

Kye Vela, a Junior, completes a long lab during the 85-minute class period.

Anthony Eliopoulos, Staff Writer

January 29, 2020

Students and teachers both are adjusting themselves to the new block schedule by finding out how to take full advantage of the new flex schedule. As of Jan. 7, 2020, the first day of the spring semester, Carlmont was introduced to a new schedule that includes a 50-minute flex period, along with a...

GSA provides a welcoming atmosphere for all

GSA club members enjoy their lunches while being informed about the latest information regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Nicole Coleman, Staff Writer

January 28, 2020

Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club, or GSA, is an active club at Carlmont that allows students to feel welcomed and accepted for who they are. GSA focuses on informing members about recent news and other topics that apply to the LGBTQ+ community. Not only that, but the club also provides a safe space...

Counselors support students through tough times

Carlmont's counselors are always ready to help, whether the problem is simply a schedule fix or as big as an emotional crisis.

Kai Yoshida, Staff Writer

January 26, 2020

When the final bell rings, the busiest time of day starts for a high school student. They need to read Shakespeare, complete a math worksheet, start a history project, finish a chemistry lab, and go to two hours of basketball practice. They consistently stay up well past midnight, and their grades begi...

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