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Candy snowman building brings holiday cheer to students

Members of ASB's Spirit commission and students enjoy the snowman candy building.

Mari Ramirez, Staff Writer

December 15, 2019

It’s the time of year where the quad transforms into a winter wonderland, filled with holiday activities in which students participate. The Holiday Village is an annual tradition that students can always count on. The village is set up for students to enjoy the week before finals. On Dec. 12,...

Students hip-hop into the holiday season

Hailey Hamady, a junior, watches as the choreographer explains the next section of the dance.

Maya Kornyeyeva, Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

With the first semester coming to an end, members of Carlmont's hip-hop club took their first steps towards planning the Heritage Fair. A lively atmosphere filled the dance studio as the group gathered to learn their first section of choreography, build strong bonds, and socialize. Although the...

Carlmont’s Holiday Sing-Along aims to engage the community

Volunteers apply face paint on children's faces during the event's intermission.

Clarisse Bell, Podcast Producer

December 9, 2019

Carlmont Choir held its seventh annual Holiday Sing-Along in an effort to promote holiday cheer with a free community event. The Carlmont auditorium was filled with students dressed as elves whose costumes and songs attracted hundreds of kids. Each year, choir students have the opportunity to try out f...

Secretaries work behind the scenes to keep Carlmont running smoothly

Secretary Terri Plack hands a student a snack, one of the many services they provide at school.

Sabrina Lo, Staff Writer

December 8, 2019

As students and parents pass through the office, they are greeted by the friendly faces of the secretaries. But, they do so much more than make people feel welcome.  With a shared desire to help kids receive a better education, the four secretaries work as a united team to ensure that Carlmont run...

Teachers offer study strategies for upcoming review week

Cole Gunning, a sophomore, studies for his upcoming finals, practicing study methods such as reviewing notes and re-reading material.

Leanna Gower, Staff Writer

December 5, 2019

As finals are just around the corner, students find themselves struggling to study for their upcoming exams. Many are overloaded with assignments leading up to review week, resulting in an overwhelming amount of stress.  “There’s always a large number of homework assignments in the weeks before finals. Mo...

Jews connect at Carlmont’s Jewish Club

Members of the Jewish Club share a presentation concerning the election in Israel.

Adila Azizali, Staff Writer

December 5, 2019

Religion is a sensitive topic to touch on. Due to the different views and opinions based on the subject, it is adequately discussed. High school students have reached the age where they are able to formulate their own thoughts and ideas surrounding different beliefs. Jewish Club offers a space for mainly ...

BTI students find paths for their future

Carlmont's BTI program gives students a step up in their futures with specialized classes, a close-knit community, and internship opportunities.

Kai Yoshida and Jack Hansen

December 5, 2019

Carlmont constructed a $6.7 million lab building in 2011. The goal? To introduce possibilities for students. Since 2002, Carlmont has been offering biotechnology courses. However, in 2015, the school launched a three-year cross-curricular program centrally focused on biotech, called the Biotechnolo...

The mystery of Monty

Carlmont's Mascot, Monty, gives out high fives in the football stands.

Camille Kay, Staff Writer

December 3, 2019

From sports to after school activities, Monty is always spreading school spirit and giving high-fives to the crowd.  Carlmont’s mascot, most students know him as Monty, cheers mostly in the Screaming Scots section at various sports games. He creates a positive atmosphere and gives off good ener...

The stress of finals hits sooner than most students realize

Some students study during lunch in order to be fully prepared for finals.

Elena Chawla, Staff Writer

December 1, 2019

Finals: a time when high school students crack open a textbook, study for hours on end, and get a few hours of sleep a night.  "Finals are stressful for me because if I don't do well, it could impact my grades negatively," said Anabella Weisgerber, a sophomore. The overwhelming amount of mater...

BTI program builds community through science

A student presents their project at Open House. These presentations are one of the many out-of-class activities BTI has.

Aidan Kurt and Brayden Young

November 29, 2019

With growing interest in the scientific field, students are seeking opportunities to excel in their career in science.  Carlmont is a big advocate for science pathways. Along with the usual science classes, Carlmont has a biotechnology institute, also known as BTI. BTI is a program that allows students to have more than just the average classroom experience.  “Students learn pract...

Students are ‘stuffing’ Thanksgiving week with studies

Some students use Thanksgiving break to study for fast-approaching finals.

Audrey Swenson, Staff Writer

November 26, 2019

It's that time of year. As the grocery stores run out of pie and the retail shops prepare for their biggest sales of the year, families come together to give thanks on a day fittingly known as Thanksgiving. However, many students are unable to enjoy the holiday to the fullest extent as they are preoccupied...

Eco-fashion Club seeks alternatives to fast fashion

Club president Cassandra Areff, a junior, presents her ideas of reducing fast fashion to members of Eco-fashion Club.

Sophia Deynega and Sophia Morgan

November 26, 2019

Eco-fashion Club strives to improve the environment by experimenting with new ways to reuse and recycle old clothing. The club meets every Wednesday to discuss the effects of fast fashion on the Earth. Eco-fashion Club was created to inform students of the different options they have regarding helpin...

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