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The Mask Mobile hands out COVID-19 supplies, and promotes social distancing.

Mask Mobile distributes masks to those in need

Oliver Fichte, Staff Writer October 16, 2020

San Mateo County’s Mask Mobile distributed over 900 masks to the hardest-hit communities in the past week to keep families safe during the pandemic. The Mask Mobile project was introduced on Sept. 15...

Many young people's traditional experiences have been altered by COVID-19 restrictions.

Youth speak out on the global pandemic

Chesney Evert, Staff Writer October 15, 2020

Amidst a rampant viral outbreak, a young generation emerges, equipped with candid perspectives on a global health crisis.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that children...

Wearing a fabric mask puts style over safety

Sabrina Lo, Production Editor October 9, 2020

Although wearing a fabric mask may look better than a medical mask, it can pose a threat to your health. Oftentimes, fabric masks are made with an inadequate amount of layers or too thin of a fabric; this...

Joshua Sun, a junior and employee at CVS Pharmacy, checks a customer out while following the appropriate safety precautions.

Teenagers experience their first jobs during a pandemic

Amber Chia, Staff Writer October 2, 2020

After spending copious hours with her Xbox, she decided to use this extensive amount of free time on her hands as an opportunity to search for a job. She furiously types "jobs near me" into Google.  After...

President Donald Trump announces that he has tested positive for COVID-19 after contact with Hope Hicks who tested positive for the virus earlier today.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump test positive for COVID-19

Ayal Meyers, Staff Writer & Editor October 1, 2020

At around 10 p.m. PT, President Donald Trump tweeted that he and first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus. The president tweeted, "Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19....

Pens, Pencils, and a Pandemic Ep. 2: The Itzkowitz twins in two different worlds

Phoebe Gulsen, Segment Producer September 30, 2020

Twins, Ruth and Hannah Itzkowitz, are juniors attending college in Massachusetts. They are living completely different lives, as COVID-19 has changed many college plans. One sister is taking the semester...

COVID-19 creates a problematic economy as the world struggles to slow the spread of the virus

Josh Barde, Segment Producer September 25, 2020

COVID-19 has caused many different industries to shut down, ultimately causing problems for the economy and slowing down the velocity of money. Until small businesses and international industries can open...

Downtown Belmont may begin to see more activity as restrictions ease up.

San Mateo County loosens restrictions as COVID-19 conditions improve

Anita Beroza, Scot Scoop Editor September 24, 2020

On Sept. 23, San Mateo County made important progress against COVID-19: the county's risk level decreased from widespread to substantial. “Great news for San Mateo County, we’ve moved into the red,”...

Dining outdoors leaves individuals responsible for own safety

Sabrina Lo, Production Editor September 19, 2020

With the desire to do things that are now restricted due to the pandemic, many are longing to experience normalcy. Restaurants have altered their establishments to fit social distancing rules and guidelines,...

The once packed Carlmont hallways will remain empty for the rest of 2020.

Remote learning approved through 2020

Allison Raisner, Staff Writer September 17, 2020

The SUHSD school board unanimously supported the recommendation to continue distance learning for the second quarter, and possibly longer.  At the monthly board meeting on Sept. 16, 2020, one of...

With remote learning in action, playgrounds at Fox elementary are also temporarily closed.

Distance learning forces elementary students to adapt quickly

Amber Chia, Staff Writer September 16, 2020

A young girl eagerly waits for her first day of kindergarten to arrive. She vividly imagines television-like scenarios of how her first day of school would play out. Her school supplies were purchased...

The Olympic pool at SMAC is available for those who make an appointment ahead of time. According to the SMAC website, members using the pool may experience higher chlorine levels in alignment with U.S. swimming recommendations.

SMAC is back: San Mateo Athletic Center opens outdoor fitness space

Hanna Kryhina, Staff Writer September 11, 2020

In an effort to adjust to the new normal, San Mateo Athletic Center (SMAC) had the solution of creating an outdoor fitness center to allow members to continue their workouts while staying safe, after being...

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