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Tips are often essential to maintaining the livelihood of workers in the service industry.

A tip of the paycheck

April 22, 2020

Tiredness whispers through you after six and a half hours of school, the weight of your eyelids a complement to the intense yearning for rest. However, there is one more thing y...

The San Andreas Fault goes through Crystal Springs Reservoir in Belmont, California.

Danger creeps right beneath our feet

April 22, 2020

It’s Oct. 17, 1989. The Giants and A’s are about to play game three of the World Series. Televisions and radio stations across the country are tuning in to the game. Ja...

Kendra Chew, a freshman, opens a Snapchat from her friends as she wishes she was with them at their party.

FOMO: Not just a trend

April 22, 2020

“You’re missing out.” The grey bubble pops up on your phone as you sit in bed, “The Office” humming throughout your room. Your friends are at the movies, seeing a film ...

Hollywood doesn't correctly show reality, which can alter perspectives and be misleading.

The truth behind the lights and cameras

April 21, 2020

Oftentimes, what is depicted in Hollywood doesn't accurately reflect reality. However, people sometimes base their career aspirations on what they see in the movies, as they ...

Katinka Lennemann stands representing society and its intricate integration of many cultures.

Intertwining cultures

April 20, 2020

Once seen through a cultural lens, the Bay Area becomes more astounding than ever. The many cultures present in the region intertwine to create a mixture of amazing people, places...

How COVID-19 affects upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections

How COVID-19 affects upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections

April 19, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the lives of people worldwide. The pandemic's effects have extended to many aspects of life and changing the way everything is done. As federal, state, and local governments enact social distancing measures and shelter-in-place orders, events are being postponed and canceled. It is essential to stay informed and do as much as possible to decrease the spread of COVID-19. 2020 Election Voter Guide by Hanna Kryhina 2020 Election Important Dates by Hanna Kryhina 2020 Election Recent Events by Hanna Kryhina ...

On Dec. 1 referee, Larry Scirotto, alerts the sideline of a reversed call during a Stanford vs. UNC Wilmington game.  The sideline reports the official ruling to the league.

Technology vs. Humanity

April 19, 2020

Both teams are a touchdown away from winning the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship. With two minutes left, Saints quarterback Drew Brees throws a spiral to teamma...

Left: U.S. border patrol stops a large group of immigrants who were allegedly crossing the border illegally. Right: President Ford carries a South Vietnamese orphan during Operation Babylift in 1975.

Refugees: A test of humanity

April 14, 2020

Diving to the floor, tucking into a tight ball, and squeezing her eyes shut, the trembling stopped. Peering out the window, she saw the thick black clouds rise towards the heavens...

Joelle Faybishenko pulls her arms and legs in tightly to for an axel.

Joelle Faybishenko balances figure skating with the demands of high school

April 13, 2020

For many, ice skating is a one-season sport: a festive winter activity that friends and family enjoy during the holiday season. However, for Joelle Faybishenko, ice skating involves more than just renting skates...

The San Jose Sharks show teamwork, passion, and determination  for their sport.

Fly with the puck

April 6, 2020

Kane, Burns, Hertl, Jones, and finally Couture, the captain, all fly out. Pieces of ice chip off their skates as the players glide with their freshly-sharpened blades on virgin ice. Hyped for the upcoming fight,...

Ouroboros Farms, the aquaponics farm located in Half Moon Bay, California. Fish tanks circulate 9,000 gallons of water out through neighboring

Aquaponics: An urge to rethink

April 6, 2020

A YouTube video. That’s all it took for Ken Armstrong to start up his chain of aquaponics farms. Inspired by the transformation of food production described in an interview with Wi...

Melina Dimick, a senior, stands at the edge of the platform in preparation for a dive.

All sports are team sports

April 4, 2020

All alone.  Standing alone on the floor, on the diving board, on the track. No one else is there except the eyes of the audience.  This notion of being all alone is the common...

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