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While the creators of the internet wanted it to bring people together, it is now the cause of a growing divide in the nation.

Opinion: The internet is dividing us

Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer October 14, 2020

There's a reason the U.S. is more divided now than ever before. That reason is the internet.  Popular apps are programmed to keep their users engaged, so they only give you content that you want...

When an artist creates art, they use their personal views to influence it; this makes it so no one can separate them from their art.

Editorial: Artists cannot be separated from their work

Editorial Staff, Editors October 5, 2020

It can be frustrating to learn that an influential person in society has become a bad example for others to follow. However, as people are discovering that some of their role models have said or done inexcusable...

Assignments on Wednesday often take longer than the schedule allows, stressing students immensely and leading to sloppy work or absences.

Opinion: Carlmont’s Wednesday assignments should be explicitly defined

Pavel Turovski, Staff Writer October 3, 2020

A Carlmont student wakes up on Wednesday morning. While she is relieved that Zoom isn't on her schedule today, she grudgingly opens her calendar to reveal an army of little bubbles. As she scrolls through...

A teenager scrolls through his Instagram feed.

Editorial: We need to be more aware of the damaging nature of social media

Editorial Staff, Editors September 30, 2020

 In a society where social media is so prevalent, it's surprising that many are unaware of the mentally devastating impacts it can have on teens. If we wish to fix this, we need to further educate ourselves...

Elvis' fame overshadows his questionable morals regarding his relationship with a 14-year-old.

Opinion: Celebrities shouldn’t be idolized

Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer September 29, 2020

When I think of Elvis Presley, I think about how he was the King of Rock and Roll, how he broke the 1950s conservative standards of dance, and of course, his signature hairstyle. Little did I know that...

The cartoon depicts Trump and Mitch McConnell plotting to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's vacancy.

Opinion: Disregarding Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish is a breach in democracy

Auva Soheili, Staff Writer September 22, 2020

"My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed." In her final days, these were some of the last words Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wanted the public...

Queer coding villains is often used to create fear by playing off unconscious bias.

Editorial: Diversity isn’t what queer people should want

Editorial Staff, Editors September 20, 2020

Villains can be some of the most memorable characters in the media that we consume. Done right, they can evoke a blend of fear, anger, and awe from an audience member. But too often, writers and producers...

Parks located in cities serve as designated places for recreational activities, which are crucial to promoting good health, especially during this time.

Opinion: Closing public recreation areas makes no sense

Pavel Turovski, Staff Writer September 19, 2020

In today’s modern society, open spaces are available to many at a premium. Especially to those who live in densely populated cities, parks provide one of the few places where one can walk a dog or play...

President Donald Trump's letter to pro-choice activists sparks debate about healthcare.

Opinion: Planned Parenthood is more than an abortion clinic

Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer September 14, 2020

Calling Planned Parenthood an abortion clinic is like calling Starbucks just a coffee shop.  Sure, Starbucks is a coffee shop, but it’s also a place where people study and sit down to read the newspaper....

For many, a simple mistake can haunt them for the rest of their life.

Editorial: Growth needs to be normalized

Editorial Staff, Editors September 13, 2020

We will always be growing and changing as we continue our journeys through life. In the same way, we’ll still be learning new things. Everyone is ever-changing for better or for worse throughout our...

The image above depicts Jacob Blake, who was racially-profiled and shot seven times by police, while separately white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse walks away unharmed with an AR-15.

Opinion: Call white supremacists what they are

Auva Soheili, Staff Writer September 8, 2020

What would you call someone who murdered two people after crossing state lines with an illegally obtained AR-15 to support a white supremacist gang countering a Black Lives Matter protest? White supremacists...

Envisioning a better future is important during this difficult time.

Editorial: Utopian fiction is needed during this dystopian time

Editorial Staff, Editors September 8, 2020

While growing up, dystopian fiction was a large part of our childhoods, whether it was novels like "The Hunger Games," "Divergent," or "The Giver,"  or T.V. series like "The Twilight Zone" or "Stranger...

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