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Opinion: Carlmont takes the ‘neutral’ out of gender-neutral

Boys and girls at Carlmont stick to their side of the C hall

Savannah Velschow, Staff Writer

March 21, 2020

Even in all of its glory, high school can still be pretty rough. High school has evolved immensely throughout the years, even though it may not seem that way. When I look back at some classic movies like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "Sixteen Candles," and "Pretty in Pink," I realize that they all shar...

Opinion: Coronavirus affects more than just the people who catch it

A police car watches on as the usually bustling Hillsdale mall is empty.

Ethan Torban, Staff Writer

March 21, 2020

We are living through an unprecedented time filled with uncertainty of our future. The one certainty is that nothing will ever be as it was before. Belmont is a small city fueled by its residents and local businesses. Yet, as of March 17, many small businesses have closed their doors due to the coro...

Opinion: We’re not going away

More Asian people are starting to appear in mainstream American media.

Kaylene Lin, Scot Scoop Editor

March 20, 2020

I always felt a little different growing up. My forehead was always a little too big, my skin a little too tan, and my eyes a little too small. Walking to the bus stop, talking to my friends, going in for an interview, I was always incredibly conscious of the fact that I am Asian. I was never bullied...

Opinion: Amazon climbs to new heights as the world falls behind

Amazon is taking over the world along with the retail industry.

Lora Simakova, Staff Writer

March 19, 2020

Amazon. We hear about them all the time nowadays. They’re taking over the world, and it’s pretty clear.  Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon started as a small online bookstore based in Bezos’ garage, according to CNN. After opening a new location in 2007, Amazon started to grow. Presently, the company offers many services, some of which include online shopping, movie-streaming, pers...

Opinion: The Confederate flag is anti-American

The Confederate flag billows over the South Carolina Statehouse, it was not removed until June 2015 by a state bill.

Cori Nicholson, Staff Writer

March 19, 2020

Today many people in the South still fly the Confederate flag to proudly represent their history and honor the past. These same people proudly fly the American flag next to the Confederate flag. Yet these two symbols directly oppose each other.  The Confederate flag is a symbol of violence, oppression, and treason and should...

Opinion: World hunger can be ended, but people need to put in the effort

A group of malnourished children in Haiti eat a small meal together.

Raina Lahiri, Staff Writer

March 19, 2020

Eight hundred twenty million. That's how many people suffer from a lack of food across the globe. Growing up, I was always told never to waste food. Adults would say that "there are people who don't even get one square meal a day," and that by wasting food, I'm disrespecting the millions of people...

Opinion: Princess Jasmine isn’t enough Middle Eastern representation

Princess Jasmine from the movie

Auva Soheili, Staff Writer

March 15, 2020

Other than the one animated Disney movie "Aladdin," I grew up watching blonde hair and blue-eyed girls on TV, wishing to be more like them. Now, in 2020, it may seem that the film industry has reached the pinnacle of inclusion. But that could not be further from the truth. According to the Middle Eastern North African (MENA) Arts Advocacy...

Opinion: Stop storming the stores and stockpiling supplies

Before, stores were always stocked with supplies. Now, with the coronavirus spreading in full force, shopping aisles are picked barren.

Maddy Ting, Social Media Editor-in-Chief

March 14, 2020

You walk into a local store after it took you nearly an hour to find parking. Your eyes scan the shelves, looking for hand sanitizer, wipes, supplies to keep you and your family safe from coronavirus. But instead of the neatly ordered products you’re used to seeing, you’re greeted with blank, em...

Opinion: Drills aren’t a waste of time

Many students fail to take drills seriously due to their repetitiveness.

Kai Yoshida, Staff Writer

March 14, 2020

The loudspeaker announces a duck-and-cover drill. Students giggle and roll their eyes as they reluctantly crawl under their desks. A few choose to continue working and ignore the announcement, refusing to get out of their seats. These reactions to drills are common for Carlmont. High schoolers find i...

Opinion: News will always be sensationalized

While COVID-19 causes fewer deaths than heart disease, it is given more coverage because of the more immediate effects. The coverage applies to all aspects of media; the more unusual stories are the ones published, leading to the sensationalization of news.

Jack Hansen, Staff Writer

March 12, 2020

Humans get distracted. Among the many things we get distracted by is shocking news.   It makes sense: Why would we care about mundane stories when there are more exciting events occurring? The news is going to report on major stories, not everyday life. Whether we like it or not, the news that’s...

Opinion: Big pharmaceuticals need to be reined in

OxyContin is unique from its predecessor, oxycodone, because it delivers more pain relief for a longer period of time.

Halle Donovan, Guest Writer

March 12, 2020

The opioid epidemic has gripped the United States since the early 1990s, destroying families, towns, and lives in its wake. In 1996, Purdue Pharmaceuticals released OxyContin to the public. OxyContin was unique from its predecessor, oxycodone, because it delivered more pain relief for a longer period of time; oxycodone would relieve pain for six hours while OxyContin would relieve pain for 12....

Opinion: Digital ’helicopter parenting’ won’t get you anywhere

A teen leaves their phone at home while they go to a concert without their parents' permission. Life360 shows the parents that the teen is at home, but in reality, the teen is elsewhere, without a phone to call for help if needed.

Isabella Wesson, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

Jacob left school. Jacob arrived at home. It took him 12 minutes to get from school back home. He drove three miles at 24 mph. He stopped at the gas station for five minutes.  As a parent, these notifications from your tracking application soothe you, since they tell you that your so...

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