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A student's essay is submitted to Turnitin along with a fee for use of the service.

Opinion: Students should be permitted to opt out of Turnitin

Pavel Turovski, Staff Writer September 5, 2020

Many students are required to use the plagiarism detection service Turnitin to submit assignments; however, the schools using the service don't inform them how this third party will use their submission.  The...

Due to the current health concerns, limited social interaction is advised. This includes family members who are considered high risk.

Opinion: COVID-19 has taught us gratitude

Amber Chia, Staff Writer September 1, 2020

As I reach for the rear mirror in search of the most essential piece of cloth of 2020, I realize nothing is hanging around it. I sigh as I release my parking brake and make the journey home to retrieve...

Many refuse to wear masks in public despite the clear benefits.

Opinion: Masks should be mandatory in public

Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer August 31, 2020

In spite of almost two hundred thousand recorded deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. at the time of writing, people are still refusing to wear masks in public. Only six months ago, I would've never guessed...

Police brutality is a nationwide dilemma, of which the Bay Area is not exempt.

Editorial: It is our responsibility to combat injustice

Editorial Staff and Zachary Khouri August 30, 2020

When Jacob Blake was shot by police officers last week, his name resonated throughout Kenosha, WI.  Blake was unarmed and trying to break-up a fight, yet he was shot seven times. And despite all odds,...

During the past few weeks, people of various backgrounds protested to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Opinion: Youth activists have power

Claire Tseng, Staff Writer June 18, 2020

You can’t say that protests don’t do anything after the words “George Floyd,” “justice,” and “Black Lives Matter” have been ringing in the streets for the past two weeks. These words are...

Across the country, covering protests is a dangerous task for journalists. Each dot on this map represents a journalist who was arrested or attacked at a protest between May 26 and June 4.

Opinion: Leave journalists alone

Elise Hsu, Editor June 6, 2020

Omar Jimenez, a CNN correspondent, was arrested on May 29 in Minneapolis. On the same day, a rubber bullet struck photographer Linda Tirado in the face, leaving her permanently blind in one eye. On...

People will often express their negative opinions on others without thinking twice. However, this  criticism often leads peers to feel insecure about themselves.

Opinion: Expressing unnecessary opinions promotes insecurity

Raina Lahiri, Staff Writer May 12, 2020

Everybody has an opinion. It's unavoidable. Frequently, people will say that it's bad to be opinionated since it often leads to conflicts. I disagree. Having an opinion is perfectly fine. However,...

Many people have been feeling depressed since quarantine started. However, we have it better than a lot of people.

Opinion: We need to stop complaining about quarantine

Ethan Torban, Staff Writer May 12, 2020

As humans, one of our natural instincts is greed. When we lived in the caves, we had to be greedy to survive, as the ability to successfully hunt and gather determined whether one would live or die. However,...

A true leader will reach out their hand to help others and together, guide them to success.

Opinion: Hardship paves way for leadership

Cori Nicholson, Staff Writer May 7, 2020

Throughout history, leadership is always needed. From monarchies to elected officials to unassuming individuals thrust into positions of leadership, society needs leaders who have the charisma to take...

Travis Scott is among the rappers whose fans are often negatively affected by TikTok supposedly ruining songs.

TikTok impacts modern music

Anthony Eliopoulos, Staff Writer May 6, 2020

The extremely popular social media app TikTok has had a negative and positive effect on music, as it brings attention to unknown artists but also over-popularizes songs as well. The app uses "sounds"...

A clown fish is unable to blend into its correct atmosphere because the coral is bleached.

Opinion: Marine life needs coral reef protection

Camille Kay, Staff Writer May 6, 2020

Coral reefs create a colorful and lively habitat for marine life to thrive in. According to NOAA, coral reefs support over four thousand species of fish and eight hundred species of hard coral. Scientists...

Rapper, Young Thug, performs at a music festival.

Opinion: Young Thug inspires others, breaks standards in rap

Ari Ravi, Staff Writer May 5, 2020

After nearly 11 years of making music, rapper Young Thug has truly solidified his name as one of the best artists currently in the music industry. Young Thug uses various flows mimicked by other rappers...

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