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All of the cards and components from Dominion Seaside.

Board Game Reviews: Dominion Seaside

October 22, 2020

Dominion is one of my favorite games of all time, and it's a top-rated game among all kinds of board gamers. This week, I'm looking into the second expansion for Dominion, Sea...

Adam Sandler stars in yet another comedy film for Halloween.

‘Hubie Halloween’ disappoints audiences with bad jokes and boring storyline

October 19, 2020

Atypical of the classic, gory Halloween movies, Netflix's newest release of "Hubie Halloween" takes on a lighthearted twist and a heartwarming story. Yet, the overdone jokes and...

Standing in front of Mondstat, a vital city in

Mihoyo drops Genshin Impact

October 19, 2020

"Genshin Impact" came out in September 2020 and immediately struck my interest. I downloaded it as soon as I got the chance, and I’m glad I did. This game is Mihoyo's most r...

In Dice Forge, players customize the sides of their dice with pieces similar to Legos.

Board Game Reviews: Dice Forge

October 15, 2020

There are so many games where players roll dice, and certain numbers are better than others. On the less strategic end, there are games like Monopoly and Yahtzee, and more str...

‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ is horror at its very best

October 15, 2020

Warning: The following review contains spoilers from "The Haunting of Bly Manor." In one of the last scenes of Netflix’s 2020 original mini-series, “The Haunting of Bly ...

Photosynthesis has beautiful stand-up trees, which attract attention to the game and help it stand out.

Board Game Reviews: Photosynthesis

October 8, 2020

Take your trees through their life cycle in a sustainable ecosystem. Published by Blue Orange Games and designed by Hjalmar Hach, Photosynthesis is an engine-building abstract strategy game for 2-4...

On average, students spend three hours of social media everyday.

‘The Social Dilemma’ uncovers dangerous effects of technology on addictive behaviors

October 5, 2020

Over 70% of the world, mostly millennials, check their phones as soon as they open their eyes in the morning. This behavior goes widely unnoticed, yet it's quickly becoming a new...

The box cover for Castles of Mad King Ludwig illustrates the quality of artwork within the game.

Board Game Reviews: Castles of Mad King Ludwig

October 1, 2020

Mad King Ludwig has tasked you with building the most extravagant castle ever. However, this task comes with a twist: not only must you build your castle one room at a time, bu...

The Ticket to Ride Europe 1912 expansion includes new destination tickets and a

Board Game Reviews: Ticket to Ride Europe 1912

September 24, 2020

This week, we are going to look at a small expansion to an excellent game, Ticket to Ride Europe. If you aren't familiar with the rules of any Ticket to Ride game, you should re...

Perhaps one of the most intriguing features included in the update are the accessible widget icons.

Apple encourages creative freedom among iOS14 users

September 21, 2020

For over a decade, Apple Inc. has been producing new phones and upgrades of its operating system, strengthening it each time. Apple introduced its latest update on September 16,...

Star Realms is a game published by White Wizard Games. It was designed by Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle.

Board Game Reviews: Star Realms

September 17, 2020

It's a duel to conquer the cosmos. Ready your ships and bases for combat and be prepared to recruit ships for your fleet. You'll also have to choose which alliances to invest i...

Tamari Restaurant settles  in San Carlos with a alluring atmosphere.

Tamari Georgian restaurant offers authentic food and homey environment despite COVID-19

September 11, 2020

It isn't easy to find new places to eat, especially under new COVID-19 guidelines. There are countless restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to choose from, making it hard to know which...

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