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The effects of turning problems into memes

As tensions rise, some have taken to social media to voice their opinions in the form of memes.

Chelsea Chang, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

Your timeline blows up with breaking news. A few hours later, you're still struggling to keep up with new posts. But this time, they are memes. Already trending, they have taken the internet by storm, and their popularity grows by the minute. Whether you find the memes funny or insensitive, one thing remai...

A day without women

Victoria and Maria Valle Remond wear purple in support of the #undíasinnosotras strikes in Mexico.

Leanna Gower, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

Fátima Cecilia Aldrighetti had been standing outside her school in Mexico City, waiting to be picked up by her mother, who was running late. When her mother finally arrived, she was nowhere to be seen. The last sighting of the girl was on video surveillance, leaving the school with a woman that was no...

Coronavirus endangers medical professionals

Various nations across the globe have declared states of emergency, making it easier for more medical resources and professionals to be dispatched to those areas.

Aylin Salahifar, Staff Writer

March 7, 2020

After battling to save his patients from the coronavirus, Dr. Peng Yinhua was fighting for his own life at the center of the disease's outbreak in Wuhan, China. After making the selfless decision to postpone his wedding to join the doctors on the front line against the deadly virus, and saving co...

Females encouraged in engineering fields to close gender gap

Salesforce is a data base company located in San Francisco, Calif. The Salesforce tower stands at 1070 feet, making it the tallest skyscraper in the Bay Area.

Amber Chia, Staff Writer

March 7, 2020

Thirteen percent. That's it. Although engineering is one of the most rapidly growing industries, it still lacks female representation with only 13% of the industry being comprised of women. Nicole Yarovoy was 14 years old when she first witnessed the lack of women in the engineering industry. Vad...

Nathaniel Woods: How a modern execution impacts the future of the American prison system

Info graphic- feature photo

Khalid Kishawi and Katherine Tsvirkunova

March 5, 2020

The case of Nathaniel Woods Nathaniel Woods is a 42-year-old African-American man from Alabama. In 2004, police officers broke down his door and tackled him in his kitchen on domestic assault charges. He quickly surrendered in front of Marquita McClure who later testified as a witness. Another man, K...

Breaking News: Former Carlmont substitute teacher arrested for possession of child pornography

Matthew Goulart has been arrested after police discovered he was in possession of child pornography.

Elise Hsu and Ruya Yaman

March 5, 2020

Matthew Goulart, a former substitute teacher at Carlmont High School during the 2017-18 school year, was arrested at 3:55 pm on March 5 for possession of child pornography...

BTS’ ‘Map of the Soul’ tour excites an army of fans

BTS attends the Seoul Music Awards, where they won Record of the Year for their

Kasey Liu, Staff Writer

March 3, 2020

"Love is nothing stronger than a boy with love," sing the vocalists of international South Korean pop (K-pop) group BTS in their record-breaking song "Boy With Luv." Fans all over the world want to hear them sing these lines live. But it's not easy. Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS, release...

Governments vs. climate change

Despite the Paris Agreement looking to move towards renewable energy sources for the future, fossil fuels continue to dominate the energy industry around the world, including in America. “The ruling party of our country is so deeply connected to the fossil fuel industry and to a mentality of exploitation and greed.“ Norr said.

Katerina Gaines, Staff Writer

March 3, 2020

Governments worldwide are facing a problem that no other generation of political leaders has had to face: climate change. Unprecedented warming temperatures, flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires are all attributed to industrial processes used to run society since 1760. However, progress was mad...

East Palo Alto Library plans to extend its horizons

The children's area is just one feature of the East Palo Alto Library. Plans to expand the size and services of the library are underway.

Jenny Arrellin, Staff Writer

March 3, 2020

Although the East Palo Alto Library may be small, but it brings the whole community of East Palo Alto together. The achievements have an impact on people of all ages with different programs for the benefit of others. The library has a bright future ahead, as the planning to make the library 3-4 times...

Drag queen’s campaign for local office inspires Carlmont youth

Honey Mahogany marches on the front lines of San Francisco’s 2020 Women’s March. “Honey continues to organize and fight for the most vulnerable communities in San Francisco every day as a legislative aide in the District 6 Office, and hopes to be able to continue her service on the SF DCCC [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] as an elected member,” Mahogany said on her website.

Khalid Kishawi

March 2, 2020

On Jan. 23, 2020, RuPaul Charles announced the 13 new drag queens who would compete for the title of “America’s first drag president” on his Emmy Award-winning reality show “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” But while competitors battle it out on screen, one drag queen has already entered the world of...

California officials rethink the physical fitness test

California is taking actions to address and change the current physical fitness testing system.

Ethan Hsu, Staff Writer

February 29, 2020

For decades, California fitness testing has been a standard in P.E. (physical education) programs to determine whether a student is physically fit. However, some lawmakers are concerned about the test's effectiveness, to a degree where they wish to eliminate it in schools. With recent criticism of...

San Mateo County upgrades infrastructure for upcoming elections

The Belmont City Council members receive a presentation regarding new voting machines which will be used in upcoming elections.

Pavel Turovski, Staff Writer

February 28, 2020

In preparation for the upcoming presidential primary election, the San Mateo County is upgrading its infrastructure to better align with modern legislature standards. Since it was signed into law in 2016 by the state legislature, the Voter's Choice Act introduced a set of policies that any county may op...

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