Chem Club

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Do you enjoy experimenting with chemicals? How about
explosions and crazy experiments? Maybe you just love Mr. Guzman.  Whichever it is, the Chemistry Club would be
perfect for you.

Felix Guzman, a current AS and AP chemistry teacher and
advisor to the chemistry club explains, “AP chemistry students wanted more chemistry
so I created the chemistry club”

The club tries to meet every other Monday in B2 but any
schedule changes are listed during the announcements.

“In a usual meeting we have demonstrations of interesting
reactions and talk about how and why they work,” continued Guzman.

Even if you have not already taken or are not currently taking
a chemistry class this year, the club does not discourage people to join.

If you do not feel you will be able to make the commitment,
Mr. Guzman encourages anyone to come and watch the demonstrations, whether they
are a part of the club or not.

So if science and math is your genre in life and you simply,
“Love chemistry”, explained Han Li, a current member, of his reason for joining
the club, or you are bored at lunch and feel like doing something different,
the Mr. Guzman and his Chemistry club may be the right choice for you.[media-credit id=48 align=”aligncenter” width=”225″][/media-credit]