Carlmont students choose Vans over Converse


Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor

The most popular shoes worn around campus are Converse and Vans, which are quite similar. From school to going out with friends, Converse and Vans are go to shoes for any event.

Converse, also known as Chuck Taylors, were created in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse. Although they were not the first rubber-soled shoe to be introduced into the shoe industry, they were the first rubber-soled shoe that was affordable. Converse were originally made to be used as basketball shoes, but have now evolved into everyday shoes.

Vans were created by Paul Von Doren and three partners in 1966 in Anaheim, California. Originally, Vans were created for skateboarders. The rubber sole made it easier for the skaters to keep their feet on the board rather than slipping off. Today, people still wear them as skate shoes, but they are also popularly worn by people who don’t skate.

After asking students at Carlmont which shoe they preferred, the winner was very clear. Out of a group of 80 people, 64 percent said they liked Vans better.

“I like Vans better because they last longer than Converse and are more durable,” said Carlmont student Monee McGrady.

“I prefer Converse because they come in way more colors and they stay clean longer,” said Becca Fradkin.

Converse and Vans are very similar, but Vans wins in popularity at Carlmont High School.

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