Cuisinett french comfort food


Cuisinett’s French Comfort Food is a homey, french-style cafe that has nestled its way into the corner of San Carlos Avenue and El Camino.

With an array of typical french food ranging from specialized steaks and burgers to the infamous ratatouille complementing some authentic wine and french soda, Cuisenette is great for any occasion with any age.

The very small building capacity discourages a large group outing, but likewise, it is perfect to grab a quick bite with a friend or have a comfortable dinner for two to four.

Ordering is done at the counter but servers will bring your food to your table and check on you constantly. This gives it a hybrid-cafe feel and keeps the seating area from getting congested.

Although the price can get on the higher side, the quick, friendly service and delicious food make the extra few dollars worth it.

In my personal experience, I ordered the Champignons Steak which was an eight ounce steak with special sauce, mushrooms, shallots, and bacon.  The perfectly cooked meat was seasoned well complementing the other ingredients well.

The fries where nothing special but mixing with the Dijon mustard/aioli sauce gave it a good flare.

To finish, I ordered their Gateu au Chocolat, or Molten Chocolate Cake which is definitely not for the faint hearted. Although rich and warm, the little cake becomes overindulgent but a bit of a job as the richness quickly gets to you. Best to be shared rather than eaten alone.

Price: $$
service: 4/5
food quality: 4.5/5