January 22, 2021

Whether it is physical or mental, the difficulties that arise with any disability are a continuous battle. 

There are protections in place to ensure that those with disabilities are not discriminated against in any school setting, but disability prejudice presents itself in many different forms. 

Simple changes in seating and deadlines can be practical to combatting the discrimination students with disabilities face. But the unwillingness of school administrations to even entertain the idea of providing necessary accommodations is disheartening.

Stella Smith* has endured numerous mental disability discriminations, in which the critical adjustments to accommodate her anxiety and depression were not correctly administered. 

“I already feel super vulnerable telling my teachers when I’m struggling with my mental state,” Smith said, “So when they’re aware of my disability and still tell me I have to get all of the assignments in, it’s super frustrating.”

According to the United Nations, 90% of children with disabilities do not attend school. Given the staggeringly high statistic, it can be inferred that school environments are not equipped with the required resources to help them succeed. The expectation of reaching the same educational standards as non-disabled students is an unreasonable demand.

Giving support for those with disabilities can change how well they adapt to specific situations, especially in any school setting. 

The stress of having to combat a disability and the pressure to succeed in school further adds to the constant struggles that those with disabilities already face, making their problems immensely more significant. 

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