Drama students prepare for “You Can’t Take It With You”

Alyssa Espiritu , Staff Writer

Max Ware recites his lines on the practice set of the play.
SS Drama 10













Sandra Strongin and Simone Almendarez Baltodano help each other improve their acting skills.

SS Drama 9












Freshmen Amaury Avat and Kevin Tung practice a comedic scene.

SS Drama 7












Dwight Norton, Adrian Afif, and Noah Garcia study their lines.

SS Drama 6












Max Ware, Adrian Chan, and Tessa Bagby  work together to improve their parts in the scene.

SS Drama 5












Drama students give their attention to their peers as they prepare for a scene.

SS Drama 2












Max Ware and Tessa Bagby practice comedic exercises in between scenes.

SS Drama 3












Kevin Tung and Amaury Avat perform their scenes in front of the cast.

SS Drama 4












Cast members talk about the preparation for an upcoming scene.