Fanatical for fiction


Sabrina Talpur, Staff Writer

Novel Ideas, a book club, is filled with book lovers genuinely looking forward to discussing books they read.

The book club is located in room A3 with Victoria Nilson as the staff sponsor.

Senior Lauren Livengood said, “It is great to be able to come together as a group and discuss the books we want to read.”

Co-presidents Senior Morgan Finlayson and Senior Leesan Kwok established that the book club would work as such: three books would be chosen a month and every individual would choose any from the three to read. Once the month ended everyone would come together and discuss.

Finlayson discussed upcoming book to movie adaptations as well and how they would play out in the club. If the club were to read books that would end up in the theaters, they would watch the movie and discuss that as well.

“I am definitely happy and excited with the way this club is set up,” said senior Imani Fawahl.

Senior Lizzie Guilford said, “It is exciting because a lot of books are getting turned into movies, so we will be able to discuss many book to movie adaptations.”

Look for Novel Ideas at the Clubs Fair for more information.