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May 24, 2020

Climate change is not a new idea. It has been discussed by scientists, politicians, and young people like Thunberg for almost a century. Yet, there has been a consistent lack of progress and action taken to prevent entire ecosystems from falling apart. 

The reason why companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods (which were founded relatively recently) can take off is because they found an innovative way to approach a normalized idea.

When the consequences of deforestation, mass industrialization, and pollution (to name a few) are gradual, it’s hard to feel just how severe these issues are. By approaching these topics in a new way – by starting a company and using capitalism as leverage for environmentalism – real progress can be seen. 

“Personally, I work at Impossible Foods because I share the founding belief of the company that if you give consumers an option that is better for the environment that does not require sacrifice, they will choose that option and massive problems like climate change and biodiversity loss can be addressed. It makes me incredibly happy to know that every burger purchased from us, that a consumer did not buy made from a cow, saves water, land, and greenhouse gases and that we can eat our way to a healthier planet,” Appelgren said. 

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