Freshman steps up on varsity


Jacob Lloyd at practice.

Claire Porter, Staff Writer

Playing on a varsity team is a huge accomplishment, but even more so for a freshman.

Jacob Lloyd, a freshman at Carlmont, is the only freshman on the varsity basketball team, and his spot is very much earned.

“Since I was six, I knew I loved basketball and I try every day to get better and better. Ever since I stopped playing baseball, I’ve have more time to play,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd, who is now 6-foot-2, and primarily plays power forward, played basketball on the A-team at Ralston Middle School for all three years, starting every game but one. For the last five years, he has been playing club basketball for the competitive Blythe’s Basketball team in Redwood City.

Now at Carlmont, Lloyd has the opportunity to play with students four years older than himself. For many, the idea of that can be nerve-wracking– but not for Lloyd.

“He doesn’t get intimidated at all in practice or in games by other players who are older than him,” said Carlmont senior and teammate Michael Scallan.

With that strength, Lloyd is definitely no benchwarmer.

“Since we have dealt with players unable to play due to grades and injuries, Jacob has had to step up and take on a much bigger role,” said Scallan.

Playing on the varsity team has it perks, especially when it comes to integrating oneself in a relatively new school.

“It’s awesome because I get to make new friends. They all support me and help me out. It’s a lot like a family, we all hang out after games and say ‘hi’ during school,” said Lloyd.

Not only does Lloyd get plenty of experience playing basketball while on varsity, but he also gets to enjoy time on the court with his cousin, senior Michael Costello.

“Jacob is a mature freshman,” Costello said. “Having my cousin on the team is fun because it’s like we’re hanging out everyday.”

Costello even helped Lloyd prepare for tryouts, helping him practice everyday and speaking to the coach about Lloyd’s potential.

While Lloyd does plan on playing Carlmont basketball throughout his high school career, he is unsure if he will continue his passion through college.