Future has yet another big surprise

Future's album, EVOL, conveys his emotions to listeners.


Future's album, EVOL, conveys his emotions to listeners.

Josef Gonzalez, Staff Writer

On Feb. 5, Future dropped his fourth studio album. The name of this album is EVOL. This album is a strong follow up to his previous album, DS2, with 11 great songs that will make you get up and dance.

What makes this album so great is that Future shows off many of his emotions in his songs, including his feelings towards the many riches that he possesses and his attitude toward his newly-gained fame.

Future does a great job emphasizing his feelings and making them clear to the listener. He makes sure that the listener feels the same emotions that he was feeling when he was recording the album in the studio.

In arguably Future’s best song in the album, “Ain’t No Time,” Future raps about his many riches and his fame. Future raps, “I like to play with them bands right before I do the encore. I like to play with the cash, go to Laurent and spaz.” Here Future makes it clear that he has lots of money and can afford expensive things. This song gives a cocky attitude to himself and the album.

Future wants the listener to know about how he lives his life and the good and bad times he goes through on a daily basis. He wants the listener to feel how he feels. The album’s strong lyrics combined with outstanding beats enhance the album, making it one of Future’s greatest albums this far.

A downside to EVOL is that, although Future’s lyrics were strong, the way he said them was not as dynamic. Future mumbles when he raps, which is sometimes hard to understand. His rapping also doesn’t sound like a true rap; he is basically reading sentence after sentence more than anything else.

Overall the album was good and keeps Future ahead in the rapping game. Although it did not get the number one spot on iTunes, EVOL is still an album that is worth listening too.

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