January 22, 2021

The institutionalized stereotype that men will prevail over women has spread beyond the depths of just a societal idea and into the U.S. educational system. 

Despite the notion that there should be no differentiation between the curriculums for women and men, the marginalization of women in education is startling.   

In Still Failing at Fairness, former professors Myra and David Sadkers describe the urgent and continuous conflicts within the educational gender gap. The award-winning authors relentlessly advocate for gender equality in schools by informing the public of the alarmingly high inequalities present in the school system. 

“Upon entering school, girls perform equal to or better than boys on nearly every measure of achievement,” they wrote. “But by the time they graduate high school or college, they have fallen behind.”

This leads many to conclude that there must be a discrepancy within a supposedly equal education system, raising concerns of any educational environment. Gender doesn’t cause educational gaps. However, it can carry significant weight in college acceptances, denying qualified applicants admission based simply on their sex. 

According to a survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed, colleges may choose to admit lower qualified male students over more qualified female students to preserve a gender balance on campus. 

Although gender bias in the educational system is not exclusively against females, female students are more frequently subject to discrimination. Consequently, colleges have become more lenient toward male students. 

Gender bias issues cannot be ignored when they are a widespread problem throughout the world. Many deserving students have their supposedly protected rights stripped away, intensifying the need to fix the U.S. educational system’s current status. 

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