‘Gods of Egypt’ is a bloody golden mess


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The whole time watching the film, I felt like I was in a choke-hold of racism and horrible CGI.

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Holly Chen, Staff Writer

If you’d like an excessive amount of CGI and another example of Hollywood’s inherent racism, then look no further. “Gods of Egypt” provided just that, and then some.

The plot-line was a mash between “300” and “Attack on Titans.” Except, in this film, there was a whiny thief whose only purpose was to make snarky one-liners. And then, producers expected viewers to feel upset or sorry when this two-dimensional main lead lost his love interest, who looked like a knock-off version of Selena Gomez. At least “300” gave me six-packs to look at, and “Attack on Titans” played up on the nostalgia factor.

Then, to make matters worse, there were only two African people in the whole film, and both were just minor characters. Egypt is in Africa, but apparently there are only white people living there. This was not surprising, as this is Hollywood, but come on. They had a chance to incorporate more people of color into the film, as it was set in Africa, but decided not to.

The movie taught cliche messages, such as friendship is more important than power and true love conquers all. The film had no originality, as the snake monsters were oddly reminiscent of the scorpions in “Attack on Titans.” Also the Transformer-esque scene of Set getting ready for battle was just plain embarrassing. There were hardly any mentions of real Egyptian mythology, except a couple Gods making showy appearances.

And the CGI! The creators should’ve been embarrassed at how fake the sets looked. They looked like they had just reused Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video and tried to base an entire film off of it. It was excessive and just a horrible sight to see. The houses were obviously green-screen judging by how gaudy they looked.

All in all, this movie was a disappointing mess, and I wish that it wasn’t created at all. The only reason why I’d watch it again would be because of the stars in it, such as Gerard Butler and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

And at the very end, creators implied that there is going to be a second movie produced. When in actuality, this first one shouldn’t have been even released.

So if viewers want to watch a good action film set in Egypt, they should not even bother with this one. Instead, I’d suggest the 1999 film, “The Mummy.” It was much better, in the fact that it actually had an interesting plot.

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