High gas prices charge electric vehicle sales


Electric Car / Mikes-Photography / Pixabay / CCo

Electric vehicle charging to run.

Electric vehicles (EVs) may seem like a better alternative to save money, as gas prices have dramatically increased in recent months.

While it has been known for a long time that EVs can cost less to operate, the recent upsurge in gas prices, approaching six dollars a gallon in California, is a high comparison to charging an EV with a 200-mile range for nine dollars. Amanda Young, who bought a Tesla last month, commented on the benefit of having an EV.

“Having a Tesla eliminates the worry about gas prices and their fluctuations or continual rise. Not to mention the convenience of not having to go to the gas station,” Young said.

Gas prices constantly fluctuate, but due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the restrictions the United States has placed on Russia, the US doesn’t have access to the oil and gas that Russia was previously a significant supplier for. When supplies are limited as such, gas prices increase.

The Zero Emissions Transportation Association (ZETA) recently analyzed that EVs can be three to six times cheaper than gas-powered vehicles.

However, some people believe that the upfront cost of EVs can be more expensive than gas-fueled ones and that electricity has its costs. Still, others have said the recent upsurge in gas prices convinced them that EVs are more cost-effective.

Young commented on the appeal EVs have due to these fluctuations in gas prices.

“The gas prices definitely could make [EVs] more appealing as electricity prices don’t fluctuate as frequently as gas prices,” Young said.

Young also noticed why electricity prices don’t fluctuate as frequently as gas prices.

“Electricity prices are much more regulated as a utility and require advanced notice for price changes rather than the “whims” of world events or national holidays,” Young said.

Zoe Starace, a sophomore at Carlmont High School, doesn’t believe her family must buy an EV, as they believe the expensive gas prices are just temporary.

“My family hasn’t considered an electric car; we are hoping the gas prices just go down,” Starace said.

Gas prices have made citizens conscientious about where they buy gas and how often they drive. Starace noticed this as a teen driver who pays for her own gas.

I have had to think harder about where I get my gas, and I have also tried to minimize how much I drive,”

— Zoe Starace

Gas prices are never consistent, but they have been consistently increasing in the past few months, making EVs look better than ever before. Adam Man, a freshman from Carlmont High School, commented on the benefit of his family owning an EV.

“The expensive prices build up over time and cost a lot of money. In addition, EVs are better for the environment,” Man said.

Many people and car companies predict that EV sales will overwhelm petrol and diesel cars. Automobile manufacturing company Ford says all vehicles in Europe will be electric by 2030.

High gas prices seem only to speed up the possibility of EVs taking over the future.