How to Survive High School Day 17: Tryout for a team at Carlmont


I’m not going to lie I was really, really scared that I was going to get cut from the sport I had played all my life.

But that didn’t stop me from trying out and putting forth my best effort to make the team.

Representing Carlmont in a sport is one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve been through in high school, whether it’s a basic scrimmage or CCS semifinals, there is no greater feeling then representing your school.

I highly recommend that you try out and try to play at least one sport in your time at Carlmont. Whether its badminton or varsity football, I guarantee it will be an experience you won’t regret.

 Here are some tips to make the best out of tryouts for your respective sport:

1. Stick out as both a team player and a star player

The best athletes are ones that can support the team but also shine off their own individual merit as well. In high school, coaches look for and recognize the ability to be a team player and support your teammates around you.  In your tryout go the extra mile to be a good sport and demonstrate the maturity that coaches will certainly be looking for.

2. Go to every tryout, but also try to attend every optional off-season workout

A lot of sports at Carlmont offer off-season programs that allow student athletes to put in unoffcial practice time before the season starts. While the coaches might not be able to coach you during these workouts, they certainly are keeping an eye out and this is a perfect opportunity for you to make a good early impression.


I can’t tell you how many kids have had their chances of making a team hurt by not having their clearance forms in on time. Make sure you get these things done on time. The last thing you want to happen is to have your tryout delayed because you didn’t take care of some silly paper work.

4. Keep your grades up.

You won’t be able to compete for Carlmont at any sport unless you have a 2.0. Its not that hard, keep your grades up so you can actually tryout.

Carlmont Field


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