Juggling cake and AP’s

Bundt cakes are shown off and ready to be sold.

Bundt cakes are shown off and ready to be sold.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Juggling school work, sports, and extracurriculars can be stressful for the typical high school student. Adding a part time job to the regular amount stress can be even more overwhelming.

Along with their Advanced Placement classes and piles of homework seniors Alison Fitch and Isabella Sziraczky are two working students at Nothing Bundt Cakes. At work, they spend hours frosting bundt cakes and making sure each and every cake is nicely presented.

Work hours for the girls are often 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and all day or eight hour work shifts on the weekends.

“I’m taking three AP classes so it can get difficult to balance homework and work, but I took three AP classes junior year too so i know how to manage my time,” said Fitch.

Along with work and AP classes Fitch, also does ballet after school on the days she doesn’t work. She said that although all of her activities can be stressful, it helps that her boss is so understanding about needing to take time off for SAT and ACT, tests, and finals.

Fitch happened to be the one to recommend that Sziraczky apply for a job at Nothing Bundt Cakes because of how much she, personally, enjoyed it.

“All of my clothes have have frosting on them now and I feel like wherever I go I smell like cake. But I do really like working there. Our boss is super nice and I really like all of my coworkers,”said Sziraczky.

Both Fitch and Sziraczky agreed that working with one another is fun but difficult. Working with a good friend can sometimes lead to getting off task, however they do enjoy each others company and appreciate how much easier it is to work with someone they are comfortable with.

Some challenges that arise at work include the customers. It is a given that there will be some difficult customers at times, but Sziraczky said that they generally just make people happy with their cakes.

The benefits to working at a cake shop, other than the obvious reasons, are the discounts.

“I love working at Nothing Bundt Cakes because of the awesome employee discount and all of my friends love when I bring them cake,” said Fitch.

Managing school, APs, dance, and work is a part of the girls daily lives and it is something that they have adapted to and taken advantage of as a way to prepare themselves for life after high school.

Although working at Nothing Bundt Cakes may just seem like a job it also teaches the girls skills such as time management, responsibility, and leadership which are all things that they will use for the rest of their lives.