Kalin and Myles ‘Dedication’ EP: vulgar but accurate

Kalin and Myles Dedication EP can appear immature at first.


Kalin and Myles’ Dedication EP can appear immature at first.

Jocelyn Moran, Social Media Team

Kalin and Myles’ “Dedication” EP demonstrates their passion for music. However, their attempt to represent the today’s generation can come off as vulgar and inappropriate.

After their “Chase Dreams” EP led them to tour the country and follow their dreams, Kalin and Myles came out with “Dedication,” consisting of four songs: “Trampoline,” “I Don’t Really Care,” “Dedication,” and “You’re the Only One I Need.”

These songs all share the fact that they revolve around the way young adults think and act in modern society surrounded by all kinds of social media.

“You turn me on. I like what I see. When you bounce that thing, like a trampoline.” These lyrics don’t even try to disguise their true meaning. These blunt lyrics are a representation of what people in today’s society find appealing — “twerking.” Although these lyrics come off as juvenile and coarse, it accurately portrays today’s youth.

Contrary to the rest of the EP, “I Don’t Really Care” stands out because of the deeper message it contains. It gives the message that it’s important to follow your goals and dreams despite the ones who tell you that you can’t. The purpose of the song is not only to represent the duo’s career, but also to motivate their fans.

Two specific lines caught my ear in this song because of their hidden intention. “They can talk but I do what I want. Dream chase, show the world where I’m from.” These lyrics represent the duo and remind listeners that not every band starts off in their bedroom making beats for fun.

“Young and immature but I’m grindin’. Even if they tell me I can’t, I don’t really care what they say” illustrates what an adolescent should be doing. They should be reaching their goals, and expressing themselves despite other people’s opinions.

“You’re the Only One I Need” and “Dedication” express the feeling of butterflies when someone likes that one person, and the limits that one might go to for that person. The song accurately expresses the words that one feels for that significant other but doesn’t have the nerve to say.

Although we have all heard many songs that revolve around this subject, “You’re the Only One I Need” contains something different. It has a Latino beat and rhythm that makes it more appealing.

Kalin and Myles just ended their Dedication tour in San Jose on Apr. 25 where they had an audience of over 5,000 people.

The success of this EP so far is not only due to the great beats, but also to the messages it contains. Yes, the lyrics can appear immature, but they portray the accurate image of young adults who are trying to have fun and find their way.

3.5 / 5 stars