New teacher on campus — Marcello DiCiccio


Miranda Irwin

DiCiccio hard at work in his classroom.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Marcello DiCiccio is one of the many new teachers on the Carlmont campus this 2014-2015 school year.

DeCiccio currently teaches life skills and social studies to freshmen as well as world studies to juniors in room E3.

“The students here are very respectful and the staff has been supportive and collaborative. So far I have really enjoyed teaching at Carlmont,” said DiCiccio.

Prior to teaching at Carlmont, DeCiccio taught economics, American history, and government at Cañada Middle College, and he taught summer school for six years.

Along with teaching, DeCiccio was also a mentor at an organization called Our Common Ground that is a substance abuse and treatment center. There he helped patients through their drug or alcohol addictions and some with mental health problems.

“I am a huge advocate for health and nutrition,” said DiCiccio.

DiCiccio has worked to help adolescents and adults for much of his life and hopes to continue to do so for much longer.

“He seems like a really good and hard working teacher who enjoys making everyone in the class interact with one another,” said junior Nick Pugliano.

What many students may not know is that DeCiccio grew up in Redwood City, Calif and attended Menlo College on a football scholarship. Recently he was “blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Sofia who is now 21 months old.”

“He seems like he is a really fun and friendly teacher who is passionate about his job,” said junior Andy Cross.

Being a new teacher on campus is not much different than being a new student on campus.

“One of the reasons you can tell he is a new teacher is because his classroom is not very decorated yet. But I think he will do really well here at Carlmont and hopefully enjoy it as much as others do,” said junior Kelly Oliver.

Although DiCiccio is a new teacher on campus both he and his students believe that he will adjust quickly and will enjoy his time teaching at Carlmont.